It’s Christmas in July?

We quilters know it takes time to get ready for any holiday, especially Christmas, so in order to give you lots of time to get your projects done, the majority of our Christmas prints come out in June/July. (Yes we know you still wait until November to actually sew the stuff, but let’s all just continue to pretend this will be the year we get it together and start early.) Jenni came up with this great new print called Cookie Exchange and as she was thinking of concepts for her photo shoot, Judy came up with the bright idea to have everyone bake cookies so she could use them for the shoot. (Even better, we got to eat them afterwards!!!) We have some over-achievers as you can see from the magnificent cookies below (The As You Like It Placemats are pretty cute too)!

Katrina (she made the Christmas trees, stockings & bells above) brought me an upside down bell decorated like Darth Vader for my son; he was in heaven!
The cookie party was a big hit (maybe not so much for the cookies!), and so far, so is our Cookie Exchange fabric. We hope you find it as sweet as we do!



  1. Gretchen Kohls - July 12, 2013

    At first, I thought the “Darth Vader” cookie was depicting the Holy Family. I saw the Blessed Mother and St. Joseph bending over the Baby Jesus in the manger. When I read the caption, it took me a minute, but it was Darth Vader!

  2. Aida Jacques - July 13, 2013

    So, I wasn’t crazy about wanting snow to come in July…”Oh the weather outside is burning, and here we are a-sweating; so after the 4th of July, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”(to the tune of ‘Let it Snow’). It does keep you cool when you think of snow in the middle of July, think snow-cones.

  3. MaryAgnes - July 13, 2013

    Love Darth Vader. Didn’t see the Nativity until Gretchen pointed it out, but she’s right. It’s there. Gotta squint a little but it’s definitely there. How many cookies did Mari eat?