Introducing: Jamila!


Hi! I’m Jamila and it’s my second week as Graphic Designer at Connecting Threads.

I come from a crafty background and love DIY, so it’s great to be a part of a team that’s all about supporting crafters like myself. From a young age, I learned to sew and knit from my grandmother and numerous aunts. Nowadays if I’m not working on something, life feels incomplete, whether it’s sewing costumes, cooking/baking, creating decor for around the home, making resin jewelry, or photography. I’ve never completed a quilt on my own, so it’s one of my goals for this year.

As for what you can expect from me – my goal is to make the site, blog, catalog, and emails look beautiful. I’m so excited to join the team at CT and look forward to crafting with you.


  1. Stephanie Dunphy - April 23, 2014

    Nice to meet you, Jamila. Somehow I think you’ll have all of the support and encouragement you need from the awesome folks at CT to get that quilt completed.

  2. Shannon - April 23, 2014

    welcome jamila!! one thing i hope you change: please use a PHOTO of EVERY fabric in a collection instead of the current graphic. It is the only way to see the true colour. We can see the fabrics included in the kit photos but they do not use every single one. thank you.

  3. Ann - April 23, 2014

    Welcome Jamila! You are fitting in just fine with your laugh and sense of humor! Hope you find us a supportive, albeit sometimes wacky, group with which to work.

  4. Amanda Best - April 23, 2014

    Welcome Jamila! I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time working at Connecting Threads! It must be the best place to be employed, ever!
    P.S. Your fascinator is lovely and so is your necklace!

  5. Lisa Pfeiffer - April 24, 2014

    Welcome to the family! I remember my first catalogue back in the 90’s. Connecting Threads has come a long way since then! I’d like to see you try your hand at designing some fabric art. Every time a new theme comes out, I just get so excited! You probably do, too. When my niece was just 8 years old, she designed some pretty awesome fabric. Simple or complicated, I’m sure yours will be beautiful! And all that from just looking at your picture!

  6. Mary Ellen - April 25, 2014

    Welcome Jamila! I love Connecting Threads and regularly read the blog – Looking forward to seeing your designs!

  7. Teri - April 29, 2014

    I’m sure we can help you accomplish your quilting goal! You’ve already been a great addition to the team!!