Introducing Neutral Love II

During my time here, I’ve learned many essential tips to what it means to be a quilter and what are major necessities when quilting.  A quilter’s stash is especially important!  After seeking advice from my coworkers who are avid quilters, it seemed like a great idea to create a collection that would be a stash building collection.  So I first created Neutral Love, with the intention of it being solely neutral colored prints; blacks, browns, greys, tans, creams, etc.  Neutral Love was a great hit by our customers, so it was a no brainer to bring it back. Or at least bring the concept back…so Neutral Love II was created!

Earlier this month I saw a post on our CT Facebook page with a customer requesting we bring back the Neutral Love collection…and it’s so exciting to know people really did love it the first time and really responded to the usefulness of the collection.  I’m always so happy when I can oblige our customers and make them happy!

Neutral Love II brings back the concept of neutral colored prints, but includes a new set of prints to change things up a bit.  And this time our concept was to build out the group and showcase it as a warm vs cool palette.  The great thing with Neutral Love II is it can be separated by warm and cool, but can also mix beautifully.  Not only is this a great stash building group, but it’s also a collection on its own.


There are so many wonderful “neutral” only based books and patterns that really showcase a collection like this.  What I love about a neutral quilt or project is that it can be used or seen at any time, it’s classic and seasonless.


Here are some of my favorite quilts made up from Neutral Love II.  Enjoy!

Step It Up Quilt by Mari Martin.

My Little Settee Quilt by Mari Martin.


  1. Stephanie Dunphy - February 17, 2014

    I can’t figure out Susan Terpin’s pillows. So gorgeous that they look like they’re stamped or painted. Amazing how a limited color palette can be so fabulous in just about every design. I’m waiting for my order. :o)

  2. shannon - February 18, 2014

    question: on my monitor the silver lining and steel look like they have a blue cast which i love. but impossible to tell.are they true grey or bluish? one of them even looks mauvey to me.

  3. Jenni - February 18, 2014

    Hi Stephanie,
    Sue’s sunflower pillows are indeed quite striking! They use applique as well as a 3 dimensional method, almost like origami around the center circles.

  4. Jenni - February 18, 2014

    Hi Shannon,
    Gray & Steel are very close, Steel isn’t overtly more Blue, it’s just more saturated and a little more Red & Blue than Gray. It was very important for us to keep all the grays similar, and not go to off from one another, to keep consistency. We strive for our Grays to all be true grays. Hope that helps!

  5. shannon - February 18, 2014

    thanks jeni. please describe the silver lining to me. another friend says it looks faintly blue on her monitor as well.

  6. Jenni - February 18, 2014

    Silver Lining does have a slightly Blue cast, not overtly though.