Introducing my new collection – Home Front!

While I was designing Home Front, I was inspired by America in the 1940’s. I pictured ladies with curls in their hair, donning floral printed dresses and cute aprons, bustling about in their quaint kitchens making homemade pies and home-cooked meals.  I was inspired by day-to-day items like rayon printed dresses which were especially popular at the time, feed sack prints, as well as everyday objects like apples and fluttering leaves. I wanted to bring in fun bright colors with touches of black, which was very common back then.

I love how the focal prints Vivid Blooms bring in all the colors.  

And I especially adore Fluttering Leaves, Apple Toss & Ruffle Stripe!

I am so excited that this collection introduces our new laminate fabric. I plan on making some outside pillows for my patio chairs using Ruffle Stripe in Cherry. I can’t wait. Look out for that blog!

I really like the kits created for this collection too!!  I’m in love with Vintage Violets Table Topper!  I love the color combination, the size and especially the scalloped edge!

I also just adore the Easy Clean Pocket Bibs, I sewed up the kits you see on the web, I jumped at the chance because I plan on giving them to friends that have just recently had babies.  If I were a mom, I’m sure I would want them too!

I also love Mari’s Wooden Spools Lap Quilt, I think all the colors and prints pop so nicely on the black background!

What do you think of this bright and cheery collection? I’d love to hear what types of projects you see it in!


  1. Stephanie - September 11, 2012

    These fun prints would make amazing aprons and tote bags. Another fabulous collection!

  2. Cindy Radtke - September 11, 2012

    I know I keep saying it, but it’s true. YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN! Another winning line. I just had to have to Mari’s spools quilt. I want more, but it’ll have to wait. (and it had better not sell out quickly).

  3. Jenni - September 12, 2012

    Stephanie, thank you! Yes aprons would be perfect!!
    Cindy, ahh schucks! Thanks so much!

  4. Angela Pineiro - September 12, 2012

    Love these prints! They are so fun and fresh!

  5. diane - September 12, 2012

    I have some of this original fabric from my great aunt, grandmother and mom. I just adore it. Thanks for reinventing it.

  6. Loretta - September 12, 2012

    Love your site. I order my quilting thead and some fabric from you. Your prints will make a really nice bibs from the pattern I have downloaded. Great site.

  7. Sarah - September 12, 2012

    Very cute! How wide are the laminates? Are they standard quilting cotton width? (40″?). Or are they wider like some others I have heard of ( home decor width – 60″)

  8. Kathleen - September 12, 2012

    Another gorgeous collection!
    This fabric is so cheerful and versatile it’s going to be hard to choose a project.

  9. Brenda Hennig - September 12, 2012

    I have a large number of rulers. I purchased a rack use for pot lids and it holds all my rulers. It is treat to be able to a ruler when I need it

  10. Kelly S. - September 12, 2012

    LOVE this collection! The inspiration truly shows through in the collection itself.

  11. Joan Trautwein - September 12, 2012

    The colors and prints reminds me of when I was a little girl and the skirts, shorts, and pajamas my mother made for me. I’ve always favored these kinds of colorful prints because they seem to be “happy” and make me feel that way.

  12. Sheila Wynens - September 13, 2012

    Love these fabrics. They remind me of quilt tops hand stitched by my grandmother in the 30’s and 40’s from feed sacks and old clothes.

  13. Jenni - September 14, 2012

    Thanks so much!! “Fun and Fresh” fits this group so well!!
    Ahhh I’m so glad my designs came across as intended, with a touch of nostalgia!
    Yes, love them for bibs too!!
    They are our standard width of 44″.
    Thank you so much!!!
    What a great idea! You should take a photo of that to share with us.
    Thank you so much!!!
    I agree, I feel happy when I look at this collection too!
    Yes, absolutely that’s what I thought of too.
    I’m so happy you all love this collection as much as I do:) Enjoy!!!