Introducing Mastermind, one of our cutest collections yet!

Like most two year old boys my son loves cars, trains, and robots. Although, if Tyler were saying it, it would come out more like “CAWS, TWAINS, AND WOBOTS!!” (I assume he won’t always sound like Elmer Fudd at full volume so for the time being it is awfully cute). When the Mastermind Collection came along I knew he would love it, especially the robot print.

Most of the things that were made for his room were made out of one of our older collections, Riviera, and the Mastermind colors will coordinate nicely. 

I’ve already made him a pillowcase using our Magic Pillowcase pattern, and I plan on making some of the boxes to hold his cars, trains, and robots from the Fast & Furious Family book.  What could be cuter for a little boy than little robot boxes!

These boxes will be just darling. Of course I am also partial to the Kinetics Toddler Quilt Kit as it has my sons name on it!

My husband is partial to the Hardware Lap Quilt though.

And Tyler, well he definitely loves the Robot-O-Matic Quilt the best! Look he even posed like the robot, he’s such a little nut! (Don’t say it…I know, they usually don’t fall too far from the tree…)

Anyway, whether you have a big boy or a little one to quilt for, you can’t go wrong with this adorable collection.


  1. kelly O. - March 27, 2012

    cutest fabric you’ve ever carried! love!

  2. Linda Christianson - March 27, 2012

    O! How cute those quilts are. It would be fun to make the Hardware quilt for Father’s Day.

  3. Barb - March 27, 2012

    Love this line of fabrics, and all the projects that go along with it. Love the name quilt, and the boxes. That hardware lap quilt is the perfect little guy quilt -or big guy quilt, for that matter.

  4. Regina - March 27, 2012

    My big boy (hubby) is already drooling over this and just as soon as we figure out if the IRS is our friend or foe, I hope to be placing a big order!!! Thank you for something masculine/boyish for ALL ages!!! Love it!

  5. Mickey White - March 28, 2012

    very nice !! do you have the pattern for the star quilt ?

  6. Jen - March 28, 2012

    Love it! I might have to buy some to make something for my daughters (yes, girls like robots too!)

  7. Tina @ - March 30, 2012

    I love the baskets! I’m an organizational container junkie. I’ll have to invest in this book!

  8. Ginger - April 1, 2012

    As a Mom to 2 boys I love this collection! And my computer loving husband loves the circuit board fabric. Now to decide what to buy.