Heart Pincushion

I was thinking…  what can be made for Valentine’s Day that’s fun, but not too much work. A pincushion is perfect! Where to begin, so I started drawing the most obvious image, a heart. How about, two hearts that fit together so well that without one it would look like something was missing? Hey, February is American Heart Month! Perfect!

The images are drawn on the paper side of freezer paper. Then, the pieces are roughly cut out and pressed onto wool on the waxy side.

Pieces are cut out roughly from the wool and then cut on the drawn lines. I used Roxanne’s basting glue to adhere the hearts and drops to the background fabric.

The pieces are blanket stitched to the background in my favorite color, pink! I used pearl cotton #8.

The front and back is blanket stitched together, however, an opening is left for stuffing the pincushion with crushed walnut shells.

A cotton bag is made for the inside of the pincushion to hold the crushed walnut shells. It was stitched all the way around leaving a 3” opening on one side to fill with the shells.
I tucked the cotton bag inside the wool pincushion with the opening facing up so I could fill it while it is inside the wool. This worked great!

I sat it inside a bowl while it was being filled. Then it was hand stitched closed.

The cotton bag was stuffed inside the wool bag so the wool bag could be pinned and blanket stitched with the pearl cotton.

Here it is, all done and ready for pins! Wahoo!


  1. RANCHMOM - February 4, 2014

    I love that Mari, it is really cute.

  2. Jenni - February 4, 2014

    So wonderful as always Mari!!

  3. Linda Froggie - February 4, 2014

    Great pincushion, Mari! You have such a great imagination, the two hearts fit perfectly together.
    ~Joyful Hopppy Quilting~

  4. Teri - February 4, 2014

    For me? You shouldn’t have!

  5. Kathy - February 5, 2014

    It would be really great to have a Print Friendly button (to PDF) for those of us who don’t have tablets to take into the sewing room, love the pattern.

  6. Judy - February 6, 2014

    Very cute Mari!

  7. Mary Alice - February 6, 2014

    I love it Mari!! So cute! I love hearts! And pink!

  8. Joy Gross - February 18, 2014

    Cuteness ??

  9. Joy - February 18, 2014

    Ignore the ?? Keyboard went rouge.