Cosmetic Clutches

Cosmetic Bag 19

Judy was walking around the office with the Cosmetic Clutches pattern in hand praising its cuteness. She was going to make the darling cosmetic clutch, but when I saw it I had to make it so she gave it to me! Wahoo, what a gal! I decided to make the smallest size of three, and the first collections that came to mind were Hampton Hues and Neutral Love II. I LOVE those collections! Lov’em! Lov’em! Lov’em!

Cosmetic Bag 1

So I placed a layer of Soft and Stable between the fabrics I chose for the front and back.

Cosmetic Bag 2

The outside fabric, 6768 Modern Vibes in Almond Shell,  was chosen not only because of the palette but for the graphic design. All I had to do was follow existing lines for quilting!

Cosmetic Bag 3

This is a better view of the quilting. It turned out so good! I chose 6756 Getaway Floral in Dark Cream for the inside. I prefer lighter fabrics for the inside of bags because it’s easier to see contents.

Cosmetic Bag 4

Here are all the pieces that have to be cut and prepared for the the clutch. Not many, huh? The side pieces (top left) are cut from the quilted piece above.

Cosmetic Bag 5

Then, lines are drawn in specific places. The two center lines are simply sewn through to make the clutch more bendable and the outer lines are used as guides for the banding on the inside as well as outside.

Cosmetic Bag 6

The inside bands are 6603 Confetti Coal, from Neutral Love II. They are ready for pressing…

Cosmetic Bag 7

After pressing…

Cosmetic Bag 8

Outside bands 6760 Trendy Ogee Black… Note the sewn lines to prompt easier folding later.

Cosmetic Bag 9

Below are the side pieces with rounded corners. A thread cone was used to accomplish this task.

Cosmetic Bag 10

The center of a the side piece and the clutch are found and pined. I sewed an 1/8″ seam about 2″ long across the bottom just to secure it.

Cosmetic Bag 12

Then the sides were sewn.

Cosmetic Bag 13

Whoa! That went so well I just moved on to the next side!

Cosmetic Bag 14

Again, a quick stitch at the bottom secured the piece for stitching around the corners. It worked great!

Cosmetic Bag 15

That’s it, believe it or not! Now, I chose not to put closure magnets inside the inner band. My plan is to add handles later. I found some really cute, brown leather handles.

Cosmetic Bag 16

Next… the binding. As it turns out, the binding was quite easy, however, it was a little more challenging to get around the tighter areas like the corners. The Soft and Stable is quite easy to crush and move around so it went well. Don’t hesitate to smash the clutch to do a good job with the binding. You will appreciate the end result!

Cosmetic Bag 17

Here it is before hand sewing down the other side of the binding.

Cosmetic Bag 18

I love this! I know it’s a cosmetic clutch but I’m using it for a sewing kit! LOVE IT! This project is easily doable in an afternoon too! Try it!

Cosmetic Bag 19


  1. Jenni - March 31, 2014

    Wow! Such detailed instructions, that’s awesome Mari!

  2. Lynda - March 31, 2014

    I’m going to make one today from my scrap pile! Thanks for the instructions!

  3. Sue Terpin - April 1, 2014

    Looks great Mari

  4. Mari - April 1, 2014

    Thanks everyone! Sue! Yay! Good to hear from you!