Gifty – Starlight Table Topper

This Starlight Table Topper Pattern by Loraine Manwaring and Susan Nelsen from the book Holiday Wrappings, has been a favorite of mine since this downloadable pattern went up on our website.  So, when it was chosen for Gifty, I snatched up the opportunity to do this project.  I delved into our Batiks because I wanted something with rich full colors.  Once the cutting is complete, the project actually sews up pretty fast and can be completed in 1-3 days depending on your experience and speed.

Since I stated that it sews up pretty quickly, you may be wondering why I am showing you pictures of an unfinished project.  Well, the lesson I learned is important.  The sewing machine I have been using for years is a loan from my mother.  It is her Bernina that is about 42 years old.  It is the machine I grew up learning to sew on.  It is comfortable and reliable.  I am usually really good about getting this treasured friend serviced.  However, this late summer/early fall, I had lots of projects I was working on, plus trying to get ready for a trip to England, and I neglected to get my Bernina serviced.  My mom even mentioned to me that I should get the Bernina serviced a couple of months ago.  Well, I think you experienced sewers can guess the rest…  The day I was sewing up this project, my machine kept slipping one of her belts, right in the middle of the project.  So, I was able to get the top sewn together with my small little backup machine, but wasn’t able to quilt and bind the project.  Never fear, my machine is at the repair shop getting a top to bottom spruce up.

The moral of this story, don’t neglect to get your machine serviced when it is time.  You don’t want to come up against the clock and not be able to finish that gift.

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  1. Pam Nieman - November 7, 2012

    love it…