Gifty Galore Project: CD Holder

When I saw CD holder project from One-Yard Wonders, I thought this would make a great gift, but to whom?
My kids and my husband all have more than their share of ipods, iphones, etc., therefore this gift would be less meaningful to them.  So, I decided to treat myself and give my gifty galore to me. 

I am taking a computer class, and can’t always  find the CDs for class. This could “help” keep me organized.
We (generally speaking) quilters are in such a hurry to make stuff, some of us forget about ourselves.  (Buying FQ’s,  books, and any related quilting items don’t count, because they are supplies.)  Then, there are the quilters who to quilt only for charity. Hats off to you! Those are truly gifts from the heart. Just remember, it is okay to gift yourself something too.

-Kathy B.


  1. Ruth Ann Henderer - December 15, 2010

    Pick me. Pick me. Let’s see how lucky I can be!

  2. Linda Froggie Quilter - December 15, 2010

    Great project, and great timing! We were just talking about a ‘CD Quilt’ at work, and what popped up in my e mail? I went home and made my version of a cd holder. It holds two CD’s, and has a flap. I gave it to my friend at work. She loved it. Now I have to make one for me. Thanks for the great idea.
    ~Hoppppy quilting~