Gifty Galore – Project 20

Hello my lovely friends!!! It’s Karrie with Freckled Whimsy here and I hope you have enjoyed all of the Gifty Galore projects thus far!! I know I sure have! Tons of great gift ideas.

Today I am back with my second project which is called Squared Up and it is a pillow form cover with an envelope backing.  I love making pillows because they are usually pretty quick to make up, they are interchangeable depending on decor or season and they are great to give as a gift!! Who doesn’t love a bunch of pillows on the sofa? We don’t actually use the sofa for sitting right? *wink*

Freckled Whimsy Pillow Tutorial HST_-17

Shall we get started?

Supplies Needed:

1 Fat Eighth of Dark Teal

1 Fat Eighth of  Light Teal

1 Fat Eighth of Dark Purple

1 Fat Eighth of  Light Purple

1 Fat Eighth of Dark Pink

1 Fat Eighth of  Light Pink

1 Fat Eighth of Dark Orange

1 Fat Eighth of Light Orange

1 Fat Eighth of Dark Gray

1 Fat Quarter of White

1 Fat Quarter of Dark Green

2 Fat Quarters for the envelope backing – color of your choice

20″ Pillow Form

24″ x 24″ piece of muslin or fabric for quilting pillow front

24″ x 24″ piece of batting


From each of the Dark Fabrics cut 10 squares that measure 3 1/8″ x 3 1/8″

From each of the Light Fabrics cut 8 squares that measure 3 1/8″ x 3 1/8″

From the white cut 4 pieces that are 2.5″ x 4.5″ and 8 squares that are 3 1/8″ x 3 1/8″

From the Dark Green cut 4 squares that are 4.5″ x 4.5″

From the Dark Gray cut 1 square 8.5″ X 8.5″

Making the Half Square Triangles (HST):

Draw a line on the wrong side of each Dark Fabric Square from corner to corner.

Repeating for each color, lay a dark square right sides together with a matching light square (Dark Teal & Light Teal) for a total of 8 pairs in each color.

2 of each of the Dark fabric squares will need to be matched with a White Square.

Sew 1/4″ on each side of the drawn line.

Trim on the line and press HST. Square up the HST using your favorite method so they measure 2.5″ x 2.5″. If you aren’t sure how to do this, I have a tutorial on my blog that you can find HERE.

Freckled Whimsy Pillow Tutorial HST_-8

Freckled Whimsy Pillow Tutorial HST_-9


When you are done trimming, you will have a pretty pile like this!! Hope it makes you smile like it makes me smile!

Freckled Whimsy Pillow Tutorial HST_-10

Making the Center Square:

Draw a line from corner to corner on each of the Dark Green squares on the wrong side.  (In the photos I show white but it is supposed to be green…oops)

Freckled Whimsy Pillow Tutorial HST_-2

In opposite corners of the Gray Square, lay the marked Dark Green squares right sides together as shown and sew ON the drawn line.  Trim 1/4″ from the sewn line and press.

Freckled Whimsy Pillow Tutorial HST_-3

Freckled Whimsy Pillow Tutorial HST_-5

Repeat for the other two opposite corners.  Press.  Remember, the white should actually be green..

Freckled Whimsy Pillow Tutorial HST_-7

Completing the Top: 

Time to lay out all the pieces!!  You will have an extra HST left in each of the 4 colors.  You can incorporate them into the back or save them for another project.

Freckled Whimsy Pillow Tutorial HST_-18

Lay out the pieces and sew them into the 9 sections as you see in the photo.  Once you have all 9 sections sewn, sew those into rows and then sew the rows together.

Freckled Whimsy Pillow Tutorial HST_-11

Freckled Whimsy Pillow Tutorial HST_-12

Freckled Whimsy Pillow Tutorial HST_-13

Layer a piece of muslin/fabric right side down, the batting, and the pillow top face up.  I like to baste with a spray adhesive.

Freckled Whimsy Pillow Tutorial HST_-14

Quilt as desired.

Freckled Whimsy Pillow Tutorial HST_-15

Completing the Back:

Cut two pieces of fabric that measure 20.5″ x 17″.  Be sure to measure your pillow top.  The 20.5″ measurement is the size the top should be, however if yours is smaller or larger, cut according to that measurement. You can also piece your backing like I did from leftover fabrics!

Along one of the 20.5″ sides of EACH piece, fold over 1/2″ and press.  Fold over once more to encase the raw edge, press, and sew 1/8″ away from the folded edge to secure.

Lay the pillow top face up.  Place each pillow backing panel right sides together so that the hemmed edges are on the inside.  Sew 1/4″ all the way around, being sure to backstitch a few times over the 4 spots where the hems are for extra durability.

Freckled Whimsy Pillow Tutorial HST_-16

Turn it right sides out and you have yourself a pillow cover.  Stuff it with the pillow form and enjoy!!!

Freckled Whimsy Pillow Tutorial HST_-17

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

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  1. Barb - November 18, 2014

    Beautiful pillow with a great tutorial…thanks for sharing!