Gifty Galore – Project 19


Me again, back with another fun project. This time, I decided to step it up a notch and I’m making the Scrappy Make-up Pouch. I was distracted by the cuteness and didn’t notice the zipper until I’d already signed up. A Zipper! I signed up to do a project with a ZIPPER! Who did I think I was? These are the things that were running through my head as I packed up this project to take with me to sew at a quilt retreat. I thought that maybe it would be better not to try it by myself in case I ran into problems. This way I could get help from my fellow quilters if I needed it!


I decided I needed a cute little bag for a binding kit more than I needed a make-up pouch, so I chose Maryjo’s Sewing Room fabrics since they were in keeping with my quilting theme. Also, since I decided to be brave and try my first zipper I made sure to get some wonder tape and I bookmarked our wonderful zipper tutorial for later use!

2-fabric selection 3-supplies


The bag itself was fun to make and wasn’t difficult at all. It came together really quickly.

4-sewing the bag 5-outside finished


I even had fun quilting it using simple straight lines. I just used my quarter inch foot as a guide and away I went.

6-quilting 7-quilting finished


I was super nervous for the next part and got my zipper foot out with trepidation. When it actually got down to it, I have to say my zipper experience wasn’t terrible. It was, in fact, kind of fun. I liked using a new foot and the wonder tape made things really easy. This turned out to be a great project for my initiation into zippers. I have since done another zipper and can report that one turned out to be a good experience too. (Don’t worry I just knocked on wood, I don’t want to jinx myself for the next project!)

8a-wonder tape 8-wonder tape1   9 b-sewing the zipper9 a-Sewing the zipper9 c-sewing the zipper 9 d-sewing the zipper

After the zipper, all that was left was: to sew the bag together, shape the bottom, and turn it right side out!

10-bag corners 11-both bags 12-ready to turn it right side out

Then TA-DAH!!



  1. Mary Alice Espinoza - November 10, 2014

    Teri, I love this little bag! I may use it to store my sewing machine feet, because that zipper pouch they give you to do that looks bad after a bit, or that slide zip thing doesn’t work anymore. What a nifty project! I have that fabric too!

  2. Teri - November 10, 2014

    What a good idea! It’s a nice size pouch which makes it very versatile!

  3. Ann - November 10, 2014

    Congratulations on your first zipper! I am glad it was a good experience. That Wonder Tape does help stabilize things. The bag is cute and useful!