Gifty Galore – Project 13

Hello!  I am Shannon Mower of Modern Tradition Quilts and it is an honor for me to be the guest-host for this Gifty Galore project.  I am excited to share with you my Punky-Wunkin Wall Hanging Quilt.  I am sure it will make a great gift for anyone this holiday season–including yourself!

DSC06508 (640x480) wm

DSC06504 (640x478) wm

When I design quilt patterns, I usually have a picture in my mind long before drafting it on graph paper.  I choose colors first, then I take it to my computer to create the images and correct fabric yardage.  I want all of my quilts to honor the tradition of quilters–after all, I was raised in a family of quilters–yet have something special in them that brings the design up to date.  This is why my quilt pattern company is named “Modern Tradition Quilts.”  The Punky-Wunkin Wall Hanging quilt mixes folksy and traditional blocks in a modern setting to create a quilt that has a traditional feel, with a modern flare.  Let me explain what I mean.  The maple leaf blocks are traditional blocks, but are generally used in a 4-patch type setting.  This quilt breaks the traditional rules by putting it in a 3-block setting so the leaves have the feeling of falling in an autumn breeze.  The pumpkins were inspired from the traditional snowball blocks that were both squashed and stretched then finished with stems attached.  They too are in the 3-block setting instead of a traditional 4-block.  This lends a feel of the pumpkins being stacked at a produce stand.  Whether the quilt’s design fits into the “modern” or “traditional” mode does not really matter, what matters is that you like it!  The pattern directions are simple, easy to follow and full of diagrams and photographs to make it easy for anyone to follow.  I hope you enjoy this project and give it a try!


autumn leaf layout wm

The quilt created with Quilter’s Candy Basic fabric with the Autumn Print for the outer border.

rest in pieces fabrics wm

A quilt layout diagram using the “Rest In Pieces” fabric collection. This is so much fun it is “Boo-tiful!”

I love fabric–and lots of it!  Many times I design quilts with multiple color schemes because there are just too many awesome fabrics to choose from!  The sample wall-hanging shown features the Quilter’s Candy Basics fabrics.  Have you noticed that Connecting Threads has expanded their selection from the blender types of fabrics to novelties?  The border shown is one of these novelty prints and I thought it would be fun to show you another colorway of this pattern using their Rest In Pieces Halloween fabrics.  I think I’ll be making another one of these wall-hangings soon…it’s “Boo-tiful!”

So, if you are new to quilting, are there any special or time-saving techniques in this pattern?  Yes, here is a brief tutorial to show how the pumpkin blocks are made.


Photo 1 shows the basic process.  On the far left-hand side of the picture, we see a basic rectangle with four smaller back-ground fabric squares laid with right sides of fabric facing.  A seam is sewn diagonally from corner to corner across the small back-ground fabric. The center of this photo shows the four corners being trimmed 1/4 inch away from this seam-line and discarded.  The far right-hand side shows the block pressed open, ready to add the stems.

DSC06420 (640x480)

Photo 2 shows a quick-pieced stem.  In this pattern, the stems are strip-pieced.  The fabric is cut into strips along the width of fabric (WOF).  Strips are then sewn together.  Once this is ready, a rotary-cutter is used to sub-cut this pieced unit into perfect little stems.  These stems are then added to the top of the rectangular pumpkin blocks.


Photo 3 is last, but not least.  This shows the pumpkins being laid out into blocks after their setting rectangles have been added.

This pattern is cute and fun, I hope you give it a try this holiday season!   The pattern also includes a nice throw-size quilt measuring 72 inches square.  I will be doing this as a demo quilt on my blog Modern Tradition Quilts during the month of October.  So, join with me and create this awesome quilt, it’ll be a great quilt-a-long.  The pattern is exclusively available through Connecting Threads.

71 inch layout wm

Happy Quilting!

We would LOVE to see how your projects turn out. Join the Gifty Galore group on Quilt With Us (QWU) and post your pictures there for everyone to enjoy. If you’re on Pinterest, upload your picture and tag it with #GG14. Of course, we would also love to see your pictures on our Facebook wall! Please post any questions about this project below in comments and we will respond.


  1. Mary Alice Espinoza - September 29, 2014

    I LOVE it!! Pumpkins and leaves are my favorites for Autumn! Can’t wait to start it!

  2. Ann - September 29, 2014

    Thanks for the pattern – it has a fun festive holiday feel.

  3. Linda Froggie - September 29, 2014

    I love this quilt! And I love it’s name, and your description of the three block setting. And so many fabric choices, isn’t it great? And so many size choices!
    Thanks so much for a great pattern.
    ~Hopppy Quilting~

  4. Eileen Merrill - September 30, 2014

    This is such a nice autumn wall hanging, I think I will incorporate it into a throw quilt. Very nice pattern!

  5. Shannon - September 30, 2014

    I’m glad you like this wall hanging project. Eileen, the pattern comes with complete directions to create a throw quilt.