Gifty Galore Chevron Pillow

I decided that I needed deadlines to accomplish some quilting/sewing goals I set for myself, so I signed up for some projects for Gifty Galore. I saw these adorable Chevron pillows in the book Pillow Pop and decided they would look super cute in my house!

I selected fabrics that I thought would look good in my family room. I decorated it quite a few years ago now in my “wallpaper phase” and it may not be trendy but I still like it.

So yellow and blue it was. I went for our Indigo Patchwork and a few other scraps I had on hand from previous fabric lines (Symphony of Blues and Rhapsody of Reds are among my favorites) and from our Basics and Mirages.

Now, I have made a few quilts but they were very basic, but this was my first “real piecing project.” And it was half-square triangles, which I didn’t realize are so challenging. I’m kind of glad, because if I HAD known I would likely have chosen something else.

So I cut out my squares with my rotary cutter, substituting the suggested fabric colors in the pattern for my own (the book’s thorough instructions made changing the colors around easy).

Now it was getting exciting; I loved seeing all my pretty triangles together! But next time, I will know to cut individually and not stacked when working with half-square triangles.

I laid out the triangles according to the chart in the book. Again, the instructions were excellent! Look how cute it is going to be, ahh!

I started sewing together. I wish I would have known to look up tutorials about dealing with points and half-square triangles, but I guess you have to start somewhere! I was having fun at least!

You can see there are places where things didn’t quite line up. When I brought it into work Monday, Mari offered to give me a tutorial on half-square triangles. After that, I also found quite a few great tutorials online, such as this one.

Here is a photo before I slip stitched the insert opening closed:

Because I’m a mom of four and not too much of a perfectionist anymore out of practicality, I have decided not to let the flaws bother me, to move forward and learn from my mistakes, and have fun with quilting! I love, love, love fabric (how could you not, working around all these adorable fabric lines) and I adore putting fabrics together to make beautiful things. And besides, it looks super cute on my couch. No one is ever going to come over and notice the unmatched points–they’ll just see the adorable Chevron pillow on the couch!



  1. Katrina - September 18, 2013

    Love it, Lisa! Such beautiful blues!

  2. Susan Terpin - September 18, 2013

    Awesome Lisa, you are a mad woman. Your first piecing project and you chose half-square-triangles. Brave. The pillow looks awesome.

  3. Jenni - September 18, 2013

    I love this Lisa! Nice job!! And I personally like how it goes so nicely with the wallpaper!!!

  4. anita lansberry - September 21, 2013

    Good job. This would look great done CT new Indigo Patchwork fabric line.

  5. Ada - September 21, 2013

    Love the way the pillow brings out the color in your wallpaper…which, btw, is gorgeous. Great job with the pillow.

  6. MaryEllen Thibodeau - September 22, 2013

    so cute, I love it too.

  7. Lisa Henry - September 23, 2013

    Thank you so much! My family loves it too and they are all bugging me to hurry up and finish the other two =)