Gifty Galore 2015 – Project 18

Flag Image 14

Project 18 in our Gifty Galore quilt along is an American Flag Triptych (free pattern)! You can keep the little quilt whole for your hanging pleasure, or the pattern gives directions to cut it in three sections for the Wire Scroll Tri-Stand. The tutorial following also provides direction for cutting it into three sections. Let’s begin…

Flag Image 1

Strip piece all the Cs and Es alternating the color strips. Press to the red.

Flag Image 2

Do the same for the Bs and Ds. Press to the red.

Flag Image 3

Sew A to the E/C unit. Press to A.

Flag Image 4

Sew the B/D unit to the bottom as shown. Press to the B/D unit.

Flag Image 5

Layer backing wrong side up, batting, and top wrong side down. I quilted in the ditch for the red and white stripes and quilted a big “X” in the star section (A).

Flag Image 6

Trim up the flag so that all sides are even and all excess batting and backing are removed.

Flag Image 7

Trim one more time so the width of the flag is 15″ (or as close to 15″ as possible).

Flag Image 8

Cut the flag vertically into three equal (approx.) 5″ sections.

Flag Image 9

Now, this info is not in the pattern, however, thought it might be helpful to some so I added it here. We are making a hanging sleeve for each section, or you can make one if you kept the flag in tact. Cut three 2″ x 5″ pieces (or cut one 2″ x 15-1/2″ piece). Fold a short side to the center 1/4″ on the wrong side twice and press well.

Flag Image 10

Repeat for the facing side.

Flag Image 11

Fold one remaining raw edge to the wrong side 1/4″ and press well. Stitch along the edge of all folds.

Flag Image 12

Lay the remaining raw edge of the hanging sleeve against the top raw edge of the flag. Stitch down.

Flag Image 13

Bind all three sections of the flag. Then, hand sew the binding down to the back of each section.

Flag Image 14


Voilá, SO cute!!!

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