Gifty Galore 2015 – Project 17


Welcome to Week 17 of Gifty Galore!

My Crosswise Table Runner can be found in Fast, Fun, and Gifty .

The version shown in the book is autumn colors from the Quilter’s Candy Basics collection.


For my own sample, I chose patriotic colors from the Quilter’s Candy Basics collection.


The first step was to cut out all the pieces and organize them by color.


The second step was to organize them by size.


The third step was to organize them by rows and sew the units into a row. It helped to use a piece of fabric to identify the row being sewn. I pressed all the seams in a row in one direction and alternated the direction of the seams in the next row so they would nest when the rows were joined.


Chain piecing each row was also helpful but I had to pay close attention to the order of the units since a secondary pattern of crosses is formed when the rows are joined.


The fourth step was to sew the rows together. A design wall also facilitated keeping track of the units in the rows. Sewing the rows together was easy; there are not a lot of matching seams. However, I quickly found out it is important to pay attention to aligning the seams in the top and bottom of each cross – which are a row apart separated by the longer unit that forms the middle of each cross. It will be noticeable if they are not aligned and the cross will be misshapen.


I chose a simple diagonal crosshatch quilting design using the corners of each unit as guides. Frixion pens worked well to mark the lighter areas and a chalk marker (an old ChacoLiner filled with Ultimate Pounce Powder) worked for the lighter areas … each disappeared easily with pressing.


I used a variegated thread in patriotic colors to quilt the table runner.


For the binding, I chose a favorite print (no longer available) from the Liberty for All collection.


I hope you enjoy the Crosswise Table Runner. The pattern is available in Fast, Fun, and Gifty and as download 910076D Crosswise Table Runner on the CT website. It is a versatile pattern with a modern vibe. You can change the fabrics to match the seasons or your decor… or make it scrappy!

We would LOVE to see how your projects turn out. Head over to the new Gifty Galore Flickr page and post your project photos there for everyone to enjoy! Of course, we would also love to see your pictures on our Facebook wall. Please post any questions about this project below in the comments and we will gladly respond to you directly.


  1. Judith Green - October 26, 2015

    Awesome and easy enough to make in any color way!

    • Ann - October 27, 2015

      Thanks Judith! Not only does it work well in different color combinations, it is a good use of Quilter’s Candy Basics or tonals in your collection. I can easily see a Halloween or Christmas version as well.

  2. Rita Serrano - October 26, 2015

    Love this would look great done scrappy too!

    • Ann - October 27, 2015

      Yes Rita, it would look great done scrappy with each cross being a different fabric. It would help to arrange the crosses on a design wall first so they are formed correctly as the rows are joined. I would love to see yours if you make one; please post a photo on one of the links above.