Gifty Galore 2015 – Project 16


When the options for Gifty Galore projects were floating around the office, I was hoping for something really useful. Then! Bam! This nice little free pattern for cord keepers from Tricia at Leafy Treetop fit the bill perfectly. Functional, versatile, and pretty easy on the eyes? Sold.

cord keeper 2

See, my husband and I are technophiles and due to this; we have a lot of cords plugged into a lot of things. (Not to mention copious cords living in a black hole drawer that “could one day be useful”.) With that, I used to zip tie the cords to keep them tame. While this definitely works—and I totally recommend this method, especially in cute colors, for things that won’t be moving much—it’s not terribly practical if you move things around regularly or for cords that aren’t permanent fixtures… like charging cables, which these are originally intended for!

We’ve been “getting by” using rubber bands or careful wrapping for charging cables. For home cords, my husband started utilizing toilet paper tubes as a very functional solution. While I don’t see them all the time, they are seriously hideous to look at.

Time for an upgrade!

I’d been wanting to do something with this awesome binary code print from the Text Me collection by MYKT for Windham Fabric—and until I come up with something more substantial, this project fits the bill nicely.


These really do sew up as quickly as Tricia says on her blog post. I think cutting the fabric out took longer than any actual sewing!

For some reason, I was a bit miserly when I cut my velcro pieces–which caused my sewing to be a little bit wonky, but oh well. “Better finished than perfect” is a common saying for a reason. 🙂



Considering their size, you can use up a lot of small scraps you’ve saved. I plan on keeping one for my handbag, a few for our workspaces, one for my husband’s school bag; and making up a few more to gift to a few family members.


A+, would sew again!

We would LOVE to see how your projects turn out. Head over to the new Gifty Galore Flickr page and post your project photos there for everyone to enjoy! Of course, we would also love to see your pictures on our Facebook wall. Please post any questions about this project below in the comments and we will gladly respond to you directly.


  1. Sandi Kissinger - October 20, 2015

    Terrific stocking-stuffer! I’m getting started now making tons of them!

  2. Kay Day - October 21, 2015

    I’m going right down to my sewing room (a corner of our unfinished basement!) and pull out all those small scraps that I thought were too small to use. They will be perfect for this project. My husband and I each have two cords in our cars for our phones, along with the plug-in for the cords. Now we can leave the plug-ins on each cord and not have to go hunting for them in the console! I have right here beside my desk in my office a power strip with six outlets. Four of them are always plugged in: my electric pencil sharpener, electric stapler, desk lamp, and cordless phone. And when I’m home from school (I’m a 72-year-old community college student), my cell phone and laptop are plugged in. What a joy it will be to have them all neatly wrapped. I’ll send you a before and after photo!

    • Dawn - October 22, 2015

      Thanks for your great reply, Kay! Your household sounds like mine with all the cords, I’m really glad this will be helpful for you! Yes, please do share your before/after photos on our Facebook page…I personally will enjoy seeing what fabrics you choose and how neat your cords become. 🙂

  3. Debra Armstrong - October 22, 2015

    Great, useful. A winner!