Gifty Galore 2015 – Project 10

CAT Image 2

One day my Sis and I were talking about her kindergarten class wondering about all the different ways she could present their coloring projects to them. Barb described how the children used color crayons and how they were stored. Having the majority of the color crayons donated, she put all of them in a very large bin throwing away all the individual boxes to save space. She thought if she had a little container for each child, they could manage their own crayons and paper.

Barb and Mari

So together we came up with this little tote she can use with her children. Each child is given their own Artist’s Tote at the beginning of the year and it’s their responsibility to take care of it, the crayons, and projects within. There are so many novelty fabrics out for children, each child can have a totally different tote, or the tote can be personalized with the child’s favorite imagery/character. What a lovely gift to a little one!

CAT Image 3

We decided to make an Artist’s Tote out of our Quilter’s Candy Basics. I love using primary colors which are perfect for little color’ers and the tote is easy to just throw in the car to keep little hands busy while driving. This image in the Fast, Fun, and Gifty book is my favorite version to be sure! It is easily constructed in a day, so very doable for a number of children for gift giving. Try making one or a dozen to keep on hand for that special child in your life or for donating at Christmas time! Enjoy!

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We would LOVE to see how your projects turn out. Head over to the new Gifty Galore Flickr page and post your project photos there for everyone to enjoy! Of course, we would also love to see your pictures on our Facebook wall. Please post any questions about this project below in the comments and we will gladly respond to you directly.


  1. Anita Carol Gambrell - September 7, 2015

    A www these are so sweet!

    • Mari - September 10, 2015

      Anita, thank you! I thought it would be a great “busy” toy for kids. Hey, thanks for your comment!!!

  2. Jennie - September 11, 2015

    Just finished a wedding for one of my children. You know that time when the food is gone, the stuff that the parents packed for them to play with during the ceremony is now played with and therefore can no longer be interesting, and the best man gets up for the toast. That is when in unison the kids get antsy. So for that time, knowing it would come, I made these, a little wider so I could get extra crayons and a coloring book, a story book and if you really had time on your hands (I didn’t ) a cute softee for them. One per child in the wedding colors, each with a tag on it with the child’s name because handing them out quickly was a must. I wish I had figured the time better and made them each a cute softee.

  3. Cheryl - September 30, 2015

    Love project 10 How do I get the instructions?

    • Mari - September 30, 2015

      Cheryl, the instructions are in the Fast, Fun, and Gifty book. If you click on the name of the book above (which is underlined) it will take you to the book.Thanks for your comment and question!