Gifty Galore 2012: Terrific Tri-Fold Wallet

You guys are in for a small challenge, I mean a treat! I chose to sew up a this adorable tri-fold wallet from the book A Bag for all Reasons by Lisa Lam for our final Gifty Galore 2012 project. This wallet features a coin pouch, 8 card slots, and a separate small pocket space for receipts.  My current wallet is packed with receipts, so I know that this extra pocket will come in handy for me. During the long winter (rainy) months here in the Northwest, I tend to flock towards anything bright and festive; that’s why I chose to sew this one up in our Riveria II fabric collection

I have never made a wallet before, but I have sewn bags , so I know that sometimes the instructions in the pattern might not seem intuitive until it all comes together. My advice for this pattern is to pay really close attention to the measurements, and follow the directions to a “T”. Make sure when you get to the part where you cut up the wallet card slots that they measure 4-3/8 from top to bottom, not 4″ like I had mistakenly done. I’ll admit I had trouble with some of the steps towards the end when the wallet pieces were being sandwiched together; I ended up hand-stitching two of the sides together which was not instructed in the pattern. I went back and reviewed the pattern at a different time, and low and behold, I interpreted the instructions much differently! Sometimes when you’re frustrated you just have to stop and go back from the very beginning, and on a fresh day after a cup of coffee helps too! The other thing I added to this wallet are two magnetic purse clapses: one that closes the wallet tightly when it’s nice and clean, and the other clapse for when it’s jam-packed and needs cleaning out. 

A few products that really helped me out were: Clover Wonder Clips (totally essential to hold layers together!), Wonder Tape (for basting the final seams closed before top-stitching), and Leather Thimbles (for hand stitching any open seams that you can’t get to with your machine).

I hope you all have fun with this final Gifty Galore 2012 project! Take your time with this one and you’ll be really happy with the results.




  1. Karen Nelson - December 17, 2012

    I can hardly wait to try this wallet!

  2. Karen Warner - December 18, 2012

    Love Connecting Threads !

  3. Sheri - December 18, 2012

    The wallet look terrific. I will have to look for this pattern.

  4. Kris - December 18, 2012

    Great idea for a retreat!

  5. mwr - February 15, 2016

    I have the book and began sewing the wallet. I have been sewing for years but have found the instructions a bit of a challenge. The photos on the internet helped clarify my questions.

    • JENNA - February 16, 2016

      oh awesome Mwr, so glad that it helped a little! I too found this pattern a little difficult from what I can remember… )