Gifty Galore 2011: Phone Charger Valet

Here’s proof that I actually use the stuff I design. This is my bedside table complete with dust, and my phone charger valet. I keep my glasses in there at night, and my phone on charge. I find it stops the cat from pushing my glasses off the table onto the dog in the middle of the night. Trust me that’s a great saving. Dog and cat politics in the middle of the night is no fun!

This time I actually followed the pattern, and it worked! You can find the Phone Charger Valet pattern here. As always, choosing the fabric is half the fun. I put my favorite fabric, Birchtree Lane, on the inside, because that’s what you see the most of. Now, if you didn’t want to use this for a phone charger, but instead a little tray sitting beside your sewing machine which will hold all the feet, seam ripper, bobbins and other good stuff that gathers there, just leave out the hole! Enjoy.


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  1. Daphne Brown - July 27, 2011

    this is quite the cute idea. i will try to make some of these. many uses. i ‘spose you could evan put bread for the dinner table in this. or make it in a manly theme and you guy could put hhis extra nuts and bolts in it . thank you