Gifty Galore 2011: Panda Bolster

When we were choosing which “Gifty” projects we wanted to do, I eagerly chose the Panda Bolster pattern from Stash Happy Patchwork by Cynthia Shaffer.


I just fell in love with it!  It’s sooooo adorable.  And yes, I’ll admit, it reminded me a lot of Pasquale!!! 

 I was also really drawn to it because of the colors, I knew I wanted this project to be a gift for me, and I like neutrals in my house with accents of color–just like this bolster!  So I went through my stash and chose some yellows and reds, and added just a touch of turquoise to compliment the black and white nicely.  As I sat down to start this project and read over the directions, I laughed at myself.


 I have a strange knack for taking on projects that are a wee bit ambitious. And what I mean by that is that the body is made up of 1” finished half square triangles. This is my first time piecing something that small. However, this was the perfect project to do that with since the overall size of the project is small and not overwhelming. Another thing I love about this bolster is that you can custom this anyway you want, albeit with colors and or animal variations. The books points out that you can make this into a pig, a dachshund, a tiger…really anything!  I love that!  In skimming through the rest of this book, I think I may have found even more projects I need to add onto my list!!!




  1. Laraine - November 14, 2011

    It’s so cute! and I love the picture with Pasquale! What does he think of it?

  2. Jenni - November 14, 2011

    Thank you! Pasquale didn’t seem to excited about it, in fact he kind of sneered at it, ha ha! Like, “what is that?”.

  3. Judith - November 16, 2011

    Never saw a white one like Pasquale before; beautiful eyes. I think Pasquale likes the panda. Nice job.