Gift Card Sleeves


Fast, Fun, and More Gifty by Mari Martin is loaded with quick gift ideas! I chose to make the Gift Card Sleeves featured in the book because they were easy to make and useful for giving gift cards for the holidays. How easy were they? I got on a roll and made twenty in one afternoon! Plus, this is a great way to use up your scraps!

Below is a list of supplies I gathered. Looks like a lot but they are general quilting supplies for the most part. I sat with a cutting mat, ruler, and rotary cutter on the left of my sewing machine and an iron and ironing surface on the right – an efficient workplace for mass production of gift card sleeves!

I traced the templates from the Fast, Fun, and More Gifty book onto template plastic with a Sharpie and labeled each piece.


Version 1
Mari offers two versions of gift card sleeves. The two-piece version has a front piece with a curve so the lining of the back piece shows.

After fusing the front piece fabric to its lining with fusible web and repeating the process for the back piece,  I traced the shapes onto to the fabric using a template and Frixion Pen. The marks disappear with the heat of the iron – although I had a bit of remaining “ghost marks” on navy and black fabric which I trimmed off.

I used a combination of rotary cutter and shears to cut out the shapes.


Here are two gift card sleeves, shown in the Enchantment collection, ready to be sewn.


Version 2
For Version 2, only one template is used because the gift card sleeve is made of one piece folded over before sewing. It was easy to fussy cut the three bunnies on the front by planning where the fold would be.


Here are both versions in the Les Fleurs collection…


and the Scarlett collection. Yes, the folded Version 2 is smaller – but cards fit well in both.


Fussy Cutting
Both versions were simple to fussy cut by positioning the plastic template/s over the area of interest. For the two-piece Version 1, drawing the curve on the back template (see supplies photo above) enables you to plan which part of the back lining will show. I used this method to center some diamond shapes on the snowman gift card sleeve below.

These samples are from the following collections: Christmas Remembered, Hudson Valley, Garland, and Festive Fun (top left and right, bottom left and right respectively)


It was not always easy to fussy cut the lining fabric for the folded Version 2. For the two fabrics below from Christmas on Brambleberry Ridge, I was planning to use the folded method because of the overall print on the front. However, it was a challenge to plan which words on the lining would be visible at the top. I switched to Version 1 and was able to plan for the word Dreams and the heart to be centered in the curved cut-out area.


Do you see any difference between the two on the left (from Christmas Remembered and From Porto with Love) and the two on the right (from Juliette)? They are mirror images if you look at the way they are folded. For the two on the left, I drew the template shape on the inside lining fabric – probably because it was easier to see marks on the lighter fabric. The two on the right had the shape drawn on the focal fabric on the outside. Not a big deal – either way works.


You can see from the options below these gift card sleeves can be adapted to various occasions, ages, and interests depending on the fabrics selected. Bring on the holidays – I am ready!


You can find the templates for these gift card sleeves in Fast, Fun, and More Gifty by Mari Martin – and the book is filled with other quick gift ideas. Thanks Mari!