Fun project ideas for Bookish!

My concept for designing the Bookish collection, was to create a fun and whimsical group using a library as my source of inspiration.  I wanted to keep this collection fun, quirky and bright, not traditional and stuffy.  The focal itself gives you a view into a library, from book carts and catalog cards to an ever present librarian.  Also included are prints inspired by book spines, book return due dates an spiral staircases.

When thinking of kit ideas for this group, the first one I chose was Tula Pink’s “Color Bars Body Pillowcase”, from her “Quilts From The House Of Tula Pink”
To me the bars represented books on their ends, and I had fun with the color placement.   I can’t wait to actually make it up, how cute!

Another kit I like is our free pattern for “City View Quilt”. I colored it up with “Collected Works” in Midnight Blue as the main fabric, because I’m a huge fan of navy blues and this is one of my favorite prints in the collection.  I like the subtle touches of color.  The body pillow (above) will look so cute sitting upon this quilt.

Another cute project idea is to spell out a word or phrase to accent your room.  I obviously chose “Library”.  I found this tutorial online and it looks super fun and easy!  Who doesn’t love that!

Last but not least, I was looking through the book “Sew Charming” by Cath Derksema & Kirsten Junor and they have a Book Covers project!  You can customize your very own journals and sketch books.  I thought this was a cute and fun idea!  And so so easy!!

There’s just so many fun things you can do with this collection!