Follow Me Baby Quilt

Have you seen our new line of scrumptious Quilter’s Candy Flannel Basics?  They have fun colors and patterns and are snuggly soft.  Do you think I could resist?  Nope!  I jumped right in and chose one of our Independent Designer PatternsFollow Me Baby Quilt Pattern by Robinson Pattern Company

The pattern has easy-to-follow instructions and is complete, down to a sample quilt label for the back. Full-sized templates for the applique are included but you will need to tape the large duck template together.  There are detailed instructions for the designer’s favorite applique method–Needle-turn using freezer paper–but I chose to use fusible applique which made this a quick and easy project suitable for any skill level.  You could easily complete this in a weekend so it is a great choice for a last minute baby gift. 

The fabrics I used are:

#5544 Honeysuckle Polka Dot Flannel and #5536 Orangina Mirage Flannel for the ducks (I used a scrap of black for their eyes),  #5553 Deep Aqua Swirls Flannel for the background and binding, and #5547 Sea Breeze Polka Dot Flannel for the back. 

One thing I want to mention is that the stated amount for the backing is 1 yard which is exactly the same as the top.  If you are sending this out to a quilter, or are used to having a little more ‘wiggle room’ for layering your quilt, you will want to buy more yardage for the back.  As it was, I just lined it up the best I could while layering and then trimmed and squared everything up after quilting.

The pattern states, “This project can be a fun place to play, and practice the quilting designs that you always wanted to try.”  I took this to heart and tried quilting it myself which is way out of my comfort zone.  (The most I’d done before this was stitch-in-the-ditch.) I wanted the finished quilt to be a little bit ‘poofy’ so I chose polyester batting which probably made quilting it a bit more challenging. 
For my design, I taped Golden Threads Quilting Paper together and, using a Sashiko water pattern I found in a book I own as inspiration, drew some flowing water lines and a few swirls.
Then it was simply a matter of stitching on the lines! I say this somewhat tongue-in-cheek as I still had trouble with the curves…some aren’t quite the smooth curve I had envisioned. (I highly recommend some gloves to help you get a good grip on your quilt.) 
The only downside I ran into was pulling the Golden Threads paper off– I ended up with quite a few little bits of paper still stuck here and there that I had to use tweezers to pull off.

While not perfect, I’m still very pleased with the result—you have to start somewhere!


  1. Christine Sherman - January 24, 2013

    Great job 🙂

  2. shannon - January 24, 2013


  3. Lou Ann - January 24, 2013

    Keep it up Laraine!!! Wonderful start!!!

  4. Michelle - January 25, 2013

    That’s so cute! I like the watery quilting lines.

  5. Laraine - January 28, 2013

    Thanks for the kind encouragement!