Flower Power Pincushion

When I was choosing projects for  my  Gifty Galore , I saw the Flower Power Pincushion pattern from Sew Simple Patterns.   Since I had already made several teacup pincushions, it was my time to branch out and make a daisy flower pot pincushion. 

Looking to my scrap box, I found a bright tulip print from the Folk Heart collection for the soft rounded petals, a cheery yellow for center and, for the leaves, a lively green from Montecito.    My daisy is planted in a small clay pot that makes it heavy enough to stay where it is placed.

As the instructions say, “a pincushion that will brighten up any sewing room. “Cut a few shapes, stitch a few stitches and with a little nip and tuck you’ll have yourself an adorable pincushion.”  It was that quick and easy.   I made mine in less than an afternoon.   That’s my idea for a great gift.


  1. Su Scott - August 27, 2012

    Totally adorable! Looks easy to do too…. I feel a garden patch coming!

  2. Kim Putnam - August 27, 2012

    These are just darling. Thanks for sharing

  3. Maggie R - September 13, 2012

    Great! I was looking for something that would get my old fashioned pin cushion up off the table. This is perfect!