I love the rich, deep colors found in the Rose Manor Collection.  Reds in shades of wine, with greens of olive and evergreen, complemented by soft cream, antique, mustard and taupe, bring Rose Manor to life!

Before I began writing Florabunda 955595, there was an image already in my mind’s eye of what it would look like.  It seemed the correct direction to move in, that is, creating a garden of flourishing roses found in the center of the quilt and surrounded by charming fences.

The rose garden is encircled by a delightful picket fence of green and resting in each corner is a graceful gazebo. From here is a Rail Fence border surrounded by a border of lovely rose bouquets. Each print in the collection mimics a botanical found in nature from the Briar Patch to the Rosebud Arbor and Wall of Leaves.

These are complemented by the gorgeous Refinded Rose focals.  Included, and highly flavored in color, are the luscious tone-on-tone prints in Floral Brocade. Oh, my, gosh, what a person could do with those!!!  Give me the fabric and a sewing machine and put me to work, PLEASE!

There are a number of beautiful projects available to choose from for this collection that are ALL spectacular such as Briar Patch Quilt, Christmas Stocking and Winding Through the Roses!  There are many more in addition to this so click on over to the project page and check out the entire offering.  This is one collection that’s not going to be available for long!

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  1. Cindy Radtke - October 25, 2012

    Yippee, mine are on their way. And you are right. They are very popular! You’re low already. Can’t wait to make my quilt and table topper. Such yummy, yummy fabrics! Love the old charm feel of the line. I can just picture it: I’m curled up with a good book, fire blazing, and snuggled in my new Rose Manor quilt. (don’t forget, the snow is gently falling outside my window – just to complete the picture for you)