Flannel Overall Bib Pattern–Quick and Easy Baby Gift!


If you are looking for a QUICK and practical baby gift the Overall Bib Pattern is it! I finished both of these overall bibs, from start to finish, in about 5 hrs and I don’t sew fast.

I was able to get both bibs out of two 1 yd pieces of our new Blast Off! Flannel. I started by tracing the sizes I wanted onto freezer paper (I made the XL & M sizes)

Both of the flannels I used were directional, so I had to think about that as I was cutting out the pieces.

When cutting out my second one, I had to pin the pattern on the wrong side of the fabric to keep things right side up.


I had enough length to fussy cut my strap pieces out at the bottom.  (Because of the directional print I had to cut one reversed)  I found the Point 2 Point Turner helpful to push the seams out when I turned these right side out.


,I’ve cut along the fold for the neck straps.  Aren’t those spaceships & aliens cute?


To mark where the velcro tabs were supposed to go, I just cut a little window in my pattern pieces and used a chalk pencil.


I pinned the leg straps across from my mark, paying attention to the directional print.  Then I folded the strap over so it would be sure to stay out of the way when I sewed around the whole thing.


I left an opening for turning.  The pattern didn’t mention this, but I carefully clipped the curves around the neck and in between the legs so it would lay better when turned.


Then it was simply a matter of top stitching around the whole thing and added the velcro closures.  I used a little bit of fabric glue to hold my velcro pieces in place and then stitched around them with a X through the center to anchor them well.



Yep, very quick and easy.  I will definitely be making more of these to have on-hand as baby shower gifts!


  1. Brenda Tennill - June 30, 2015

    These are cute, but I am not understanding how they are to be worn? I understand around the neck, but what does the leg part do? Just cover their legs? Please explain.

    • Gay Ferland - June 30, 2015

      Yes that is what the leg part does; cover the legs.

    • Susan - June 30, 2015

      The baby’s foot is put through the strap on the leg to hold the bib in place. Great for the little ones who wriggle out from under bibs.

    • Laraine - July 13, 2015

      HI Brenda,
      Sorry about the delay in getting back to you–I’ve been out of the country on vacation (3 week dream trip to the UK).

      Thank you to the other ladies who answered your question.

      The velcro straps around the baby’s legs keeping food off laps and legs (in theory–babies often find a way!)

      • Carol Allen - March 5, 2019

        Laraine, where can you get this pattern or the measurements? The pattern is fairly easy to make just need pattern measurements to make one?
        Thanks Carol

        • Laraine - March 7, 2019

          Hi Carol, unfortunately we haven’t sold this pattern for a while now and I cannot tell if the person is still producting them. This is all the information I have:
          Overall Bib Pattern
          Beverly Gunson
          Pieceful Expressions

          • Donna - January 6, 2020

            Is it possible to get some measurements on the patterns

  2. Jennifer - July 1, 2015

    I didn’t understand the legs either,,, A picture of a baby wearing one of the bibs would be great!

    • Laraine - July 13, 2015

      You are right! I didn’t have a baby handy to get pictures when I was making these but it would have been helpful for the visual.

  3. Ann - July 1, 2015

    Helpful step-by-step photos. I have made these too and they were fast, easy and practical. Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. kristy - July 8, 2015

    Love the blast fabric would make great shirts for little boy. Also quilts

  5. patricia musty - March 7, 2020

    where can I get this overall l bib pattern please

    • Laraine - March 9, 2020

      Unfortunately we have not sold this patttern for years now.
      This is all the information I have:
      Overall Bib Pattern
      Beverly Gunson
      Pieceful Expressions