Finally…the big reveal of my newest embroidery design!

I am beyond excited to finally show you the big reveal of my embroidery pillow design that I’ve been teasing you with for the past few months!!

After designing the Sun Kissed Harvest collection I was very inspired to design another pillow embroidery.  And the focal “Sunflower Bouquet” was the biggest inspiration of all, I love it so much and wanted to spread the love by translating that into an embroidery project.  My coworkers definitely thought I was crazy for taking on such an ambitious task, but I think it was well worth it and am in love with my embroidery and my new pillow.

The pillow is a 20 x 20 square, and it’s an envelope style…so overall construction is super easy.  All the work is in the embroidery.  I wanted the embroidery to have a variety of stitches so it’s multi dimensional.  I used the Backstich, Stem Stitch, Jenni Chain Stitch and Colonial Knot.  You may be asking, “what is a Jenni Chain Stitch?”  Well…it’s my twist on a conventional “Chain Stitch”, otherwise known as a happy mistake. Ha ha!

I loved every minute of working on this, but now I love that it’s finished and I can finally display it in my home.  Our company’s CEO, Matt, expressed great interest in my pillow and joked with me about purchasing it.  But I let him know that it was not for sale and that is was all for me.


  1. karenthequilter - June 27, 2013

    Love it Jenni!

  2. Leni B. - June 27, 2013

    it is beautiful love Hand Embroidery well done

  3. Lou Ann - June 27, 2013

    It is beautiful Jenni, and don’t let anyone latch onto it! What’s yours, is yours!

  4. Jennifer Hope - June 27, 2013

    Beautiful design, love it…
    What kind of thread or you using? Is it standard 6-thread embroidery floss?

  5. kaholly - June 27, 2013

    It is just gorgeous!! Good for you for hanging on to it! So often, we give away everything we make and keep nothing for ourselves.

  6. Amanda Best - June 27, 2013

    I off to order it! Amazing work!

  7. Gail Knight - June 29, 2013

    Love this pillow! How about a machine embroidery version Please!

  8. Jenni - June 30, 2013

    Hello everyone!! Thanks for all the lovely comments!!

  9. Jenni - June 30, 2013

    Hi Jennifer,
    It’s a mix of Pearl Cotton thread size 5 and DMC floss 6 strands.

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