Week 5 of 12 Weeks of Christmas – Figgy Pudding Pincushion

Oh, gosh, I was complaining and struggling to come up with an idea for our 12 Weeks of Christmas free pattern, and Sue popped her head up and said, “figgy pudding”! My response was, “what?”  I had no idea what she was talking about!

So, sweet Sue drew a picture in the air of her idea, and oh, my, gosh, a great idea it was! I needed a picture because I have never eaten, nor have seen figgy pudding. I had no idea what it was, but I’ve sang songs about it!

Quickly, I assembled my Quilter’s Candy fabrics (only needed four) and with pattern in hand, began cutting and sewing away. An easy creation in a couple of hours, I can see this as a very “charming” gift for club members or any number of people who love to sew and celebrate the season. What a great gift to give to someone at the beginning of the holiday season!

Oh, one last thing. I love to embellish anything I make. I’m of the opinion that, “it’s all in the details.” So I decided to draw from my stash of beads and give the Figgy Pudding Pincushion a little candy topping! Enjoy!

If you decide to participate in our Christmas fun, we would LOVE to see how your projects turn out. If you’re on Pinterest, upload your picture and tag it with #12WOC. Any images with that tag on them will be seen by our team and re-pinned to our board! Of course, we would also love to see your pictures on our Facebook wall!”


  1. Katrina - October 30, 2013

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen figgy pudding either, but I can say that yours is exceptionally cute. I especially love the little beads on top. Such a great project!

  2. Alisha - October 30, 2013

    Mari, this is such a cute and creative idea! The little candy topping is adorable!

  3. Jenni - October 30, 2013

    Mari, this is one of my favorite pin cushions that you’ve ever made! But it also makes me hungry and want a cupcake.

  4. Joanna - October 30, 2013

    That is one cute pincushion. Thanks for the free pattern.

  5. Sue - October 30, 2013

    Hmmmmm pudding! I mean cute pincushion Mari. Really super cute.