February Itty Bitty

IBFeb Image 7

To begin, all the Itty Bitty quilts can be found in the Itty Bitty Quilts book (46239). The Itty Bitty Stack (8666) is used in the construction of the quilts shown in the book. Also, many of the Itty Bitty quilts in the book are pictured on the Wire Scalloped Stand (71445), and all are available on the Connecting Threads website. Just click on the underlined item and you will be taken to the product on the website. Now, to the tutorial…

Here’s our February Itty Bitty quilt. A background square is cut from off white wool, and I also fused a square of woven fusible to the back to stabilize the wool. The woven fusible hides any embroidery threads on the back from showing through to the front. I chose eight red wool fabrics and cut two squares from each to make up the checkerboard. I LOVE red!

IBFeb Image 1

First, I positioned the squares where I wanted them and dabbed a bit of Roxanne’s Mini Glue Baste-It on each one. The little squares were blanket stitched onto the back ground. If the quilt is constructed in flat fabric all the red squares need to be sewn into the quilt, however, since this application is sewing squares on top, the square found under the heart can be omitted. I made a mistake here. The square just below the empty space (in the image above) should have been removed. I needed a square in the empty space. LOL!

IBFeb Image 2

The pink heart was blanket stitched to the black heart first with a blanket stitch, and then both were blanket stitched to the quilt. At this point I quilted the Itty Bitty and stitched around each square and the heart. Then the perimeter batting and backing were cut down to the edge of the top. I did a quick basting stitch around the perimeter and added the hanging sleeve before sewing on the binding. I LOVE how the wool is so dimensional! There is no additional batting under the hearts. They poofed up all by themselves!

IBFeb Image 3

At this point I felt like the Itty Bitty was just a little plain so I went on a hunt for a charm to add to it. It just needed a little embellishment. I went to the local craft shop and they had in the bead section a number of charm options. I was looking for another heart, but found some lovely key choices. The key was perfect! A little more unexpected than a heart, eh?

IBFeb Image 4

I am SO happy with the results. It makes me so contented to look at it! I really enjoyed the handwork and as always, am thrilled working with my wool stash again!!!


  1. Stephanie - January 19, 2016

    Totally adorable! Perfect timing as I have been scouring my books and patterns for a Valentine inspired project to make. I have lots of wool and flannel scraps that I could use up on this one. Thanks so much.

    • Mari - January 19, 2016

      Stephanie, thank you! Sounds like this project is perfect for the supplies you have! I love that it is quick to make so you’ll have optimal time for construction and enjoying! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. MargeP - January 19, 2016

    Love your wool version, Mari. The key in the middle of the heart is the perfect touch. I may have to make another one! 🙂

    • Mari - January 19, 2016

      Hi Marge! SO glad you like it! I was originally looking for a heart but the key seemed so appropriate, right?! Thank you for commenting!