Fabric Pricing

In several weeks, your Winter Catalog should be arriving in the mail.  In it, you may notice slightly higher fabric prices. We work really hard to keep our prices consistently low, but over the last few months we’ve seen dramatic price increases from our suppliers due to high cotton prices. (You can read more about the surge in cotton prices here). Because we don’t operate on big margins, we had no choice but to make the difficult decision to raise prices.

Most businesses don’t point out price increases to their customers, but we thought it would be best to give you a heads-up. That way you have a chance to place an order you might be planning at the lower prices. We’re committed to offering you the best prices possible, so most of our kits and samplers will stay at the original low prices until they sell out. Fabric by the yard will go up starting January 4th. New fabric, kits, and samplers will launch next week using the new price structure.

We think you’ll agree that our quality fabric is still a bargain at only $4.96 per yard for basics and $5.96 per yard for limited edition collections. As always, we refuse to sacrifice quality for price, and we’ve been working hard to offer even higher quality fabric than you’ve seen before, so stay tuned for great things to come this spring. In the meantime, go start planning that fabric order before prices go up January 4th.



  1. Debbie - December 20, 2010

    Thanks for the heads up but your prices still beat those in town. In Spokane the average price per yard is well over $10.00. The cheapest in my area is Ephrata and she has just creaped up to $9.00. Cindi has tried to keep her prices low, and she has done a good job. CT has quality fabric and I’ll continue to purchase it.

  2. Alisha Runckel - December 21, 2010

    Thank you for your comment Debbie! We really value and appreciate the feedback from our customers. Have a great day!

  3. Carole Hildebrand - December 22, 2010

    I stocked up on your batiks during the summer because of the pricing. Quilt shops are fun to browze thru and then go home and order from you. I tell my husband about your pricing and he says “order more”. You will still be my first choice to buy.

  4. Skye - December 23, 2010

    I appreciate your integrity in being up front about the increase, and I agree with Debbie & Alisha. Your prices are still lower than quilt shops, your fabric quality is excellent & I especially love the pricing on your strip sets/jelly rolls.
    Keep up the good work on all fronts. I don’t plan on going anywhere!

  5. Sarah - December 23, 2010

    Thanks for the head’s-up. I’d love to place an order before the price goes up, but I can’t find solid white fabric anywhere on your site!

  6. Elaine M. Lasater - December 23, 2010

    Please add me to your distribution list! My cousin just forwarded your website to me and I am certainly impressed.
    Elaine M. Lasater
    PO Box 22
    Lockwood NY 14859
    I look forward to browsing through your catalog. E.

  7. Marla Southers - December 23, 2010

    Well, I appreciate the warning but it won’t stop me from ordering! It is still the best place to order fabric ever!

  8. Aida - December 24, 2010

    As long as the quality remains the very best in the industry, I will order from Connecting Threads regardless of the price increase. I am very pleased with the excellent service and prompt delivery whenever I place an order.
    Thanks and best wishes to everyone at Connecting Threads.

  9. Sandy Olson - December 24, 2010

    Connecting Threads is my “go to” place for most things quilty. I admire your policy of letting customers know about the upcoming price increases and your promise to keep quality high and the prices as the most reasonable you can. Of course you have to make a profit; we don’t want you to close your doors! CT fabric is among the best and I simply won’t pay $10 a yard at my local quilt shops any longer unless it’s a VERY special line of fabric that is exclusive to independent retailers. Please have a blessed Christmas and keep running the business in the best interests of both the company and the customers.

  10. Linda Froggie Quilter - December 26, 2010

    Aaaww, that’s too bad! But the prices now are wonderful, so a price increase at CT probably won’t be that bad.
    ~Hopppy quilting~

  11. Joan - December 27, 2010

    Thanks for the courtesy of letting us know of price increases, however it will not change my mind about CT fabrics,quality and excellent prices. I have ordered some kits today to get a head start on gifts for next Christmas. Have a blessed New Year and keep up the good work !