Dwell Mini Quilts in Oh Clementine

Teri - mini dwell catalog shot

I have completely jumped on the mini quilt bandwagon. I have always loved table runners and small projects because I like to be able to finish a project in a reasonable amount of time every once and a while rather than just have 20+ UFO’s laying around with nothing to show for it!


When I saw the Oh Clementine fabric collection I knew I needed to make a mini quilt. After searching through the mini quilt patterns I landed on the Dwell Mini Quilt by Thimble Blossoms. Since we decided to make it a kit I opted to sew the photography sample, oh the pressure!!

Teri - mini dwell Tyler Teri - mini dwell Trooper

I had a lot of help while quilting. Tyler was creating Star Wars Lego creations and our cat Storm Trooper was supervising.

Teri -  mini dwell house Teri - mini dwell stack of blocks

It was fun putting the blocks together, the only place I had a little trouble was on the chimneys. They were hard to keep straight. In fact, I sewed one complete mini quilt and decided it wasn’t quite good enough, so I sewed another one right after! I had plenty of practice making houses!

Teri - mini dwell quilting Teri - mini dwell block quilted

I don’t really know if my chimneys were any better in the second quilt but oh well, it was fun to make! A little straight line quilting and echoing and TA-DAH! Twins!

Teri - mini dwell twins

Now I have one hanging up in my sewing area and my Mom has the other in hers.

Teri - mini dwell Teri - dwell mini mine



  1. Ann - December 16, 2014

    Wow! Two cute quilts – one for you and one to share! Great choice for fabrics and mini-quilt.

  2. Shanna - December 20, 2014

    What a delightful set of houses! I am getting ready to make a slew of mini-quilts! Thank you for sharing another great pattern!