Download Patterns for Travel

We have some great download patterns that are perfect to help you get ready for your summer travels.

If you are traveling in the car with children you will definitely want to make a Clutter Catchers by SewBaby.  It keeps everything within easy reach and neatly organized.  But trust me, these are not just for organizing childrens’ things in the car, you may want one just for yourself.

SewBaby’s Take-Along Books are perfect to keep your little one entertained during long or short trips.  You can make either and Alphabet book or an Activities book that is perfect for little hands.  I remember having some books similar to these as a child that my mom made me.  They were my favorite books to keep me busy and quiet, especially during church.

If you are looking for a way to organize your toiletries or small items A Little Duffle Do It is the perfect pattern.  It has 4 different sizes with the largest being 4”x4”x8”.  Make one in for each member of the family in different colors.  Everyone will know which is their toiletries bag with no awkward “wrong toothbrush” incidents.  Make one for all those cords for your phones and electronic devices.

If you are looking for that perfect carry-along bag to keep everything organized with that personal style, there are many patterns to choose from. 

Jo-Lydia’s Attic has two great totes that had travel in mind; The Terrific Travel Tote and The Quilted Traveler’s Tote.  Both of these are designed to be the perfect carry-on bags with great zipped pockets inside and out to keep your items secure. 

The Quilted Carryall Eight-Pocket Tote is another great choice for travel from Jo-Lydia’s Attic.  There are lots of pockets on the inside and out to organize everything you might need on your trip. 

I personally will be making one of these three bags this summer to get ready for my trip to England in September.  I just have to decides which one.

If you are looking for a little smaller bag to carry your laptop with a few items, Sweet Retreat’s Little Sister by Whistlepig Creek Productions will be a perfect match. 

Whistlepig has another bag that would be perfect for that “stuff-n-go” day or overnight trip (that is what I call those spontaneous trips that are so much fun.)  Her large Boho Bag is perfect for the on-the-whim fun and you will still look stylish.  You might need to make one now, so you will be ready when the mood strikes to hit the road on a great advendture!

To keep documents and money secure while touring, Jo-Lydia has two solutions for you.  Sew ‘N’ Go Hip Bag and Sewer’s Wallet keeps what is import close and secure.

Your vacation will be one-of-a-kind, just like all of your new travel accessories!


  1. Paula Coleman (Sew Silly) - June 15, 2012

    Has anyone made any of the Travelers Totes? I usually just make up my own
    bag patterns but would like to try one of these. I prefer an easy pattern since I don’t put in zippers and will need to learn how to do them. Any favorites or comments?

  2. Cookie Pieczonka - June 15, 2012

    Go go Google, type how to put in a zipper. Select the first response from Sewmama. It’s easier than you think.