Door Mouse & Draft Blocker

I had so much fun making the mouse door stopper and door draft blocker from the Parlor Pets fabric collection.


The mouse is just too cute for words and I really wanted to make this up so he can live in my house!  I only hope my dog, Pasquale, doesn’t think he’s a toy for him!!! Ha ha!  As the winter months are upon us, the door draft blocker will come in really handy!!  These were fun and simple to make, I did my first ever appliqué on the mouse, so definitely a great project for beginners too!



  1. virginia o - October 7, 2011

    Oooh, I love that doorstopper! I live in an older home and I have the perfect door for this stopper.

  2. elsa - October 31, 2011

    cute door stopper and an even cuter pup!

  3. Patricia Renderos - November 2, 2011

    Hi, this looks so cute, I want to make one for my house, what do I have to do to win the pattern.

  4. Heather P - November 2, 2011

    So cute! where can I find the pattern for the adorable mouse doorstopper?? thx!

  5. Brenda Allen - November 3, 2011

    Good early morning! I would also love to buy the pattern for this “too cute” doorstop mouse. May I have an address/email for the seller? Thanks for your kind assistance. Brenda

  6. Brenda Allen - November 3, 2011

    PS – Your dog is also “too cute”!

  7. Judy Huber-Cogswell - November 3, 2011

    I love it!