December Little Quilt


Here we are at the end of our Little Quilt Chapter. Ho-hum, so sad, but wonderful because once done with this Little, you will have 12 beautiful Little Quilts to decorate your space with or give as gifts to someone you love dearly. This was quite a QA project wasn’t it?!

Our December Little quilt is a favorite, a little home. Sewn up in Winter’s Evening by Country Essentials, it has a bit of a Christmas look to it. I chose to make our tutorial quilt out of an upcoming fabric collection Folk Blossoms, which will be out in February 2016. Be looking for it because it is GORGEOUS as you will see!!!

Dec LQ 1

I am beginning with the chimneys of the house sewing some background space between the two chimneys. Press to the chimneys.

Dec LQ 2

Additional background fabric is sewn to facing sides of the chimneys to delineate the width of the quilt center. Chimney done!

Dec LQ 3

Constructing the roof is simple with a couple of stitch-and-flip squares. Mark each square once diagonally. Place at facing ends of the roof piece orienting the top of the diagonal lines toward the center. This is a tricky part because it is easy to get one or both flipped and then have to fix it. Be sure a second look is taken before cutting the corners off.

Dec LQ 4

Stitch just a smidgen to the corner side of the drawn line on both sides. Flip the square back to make sure it is going in the correct direction. Then, cut the corners off leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Dec LQ 5

Flip the triangle back and press. Beautiful, huh?! I’m liking this!!! Roof done!

Dec LQ 6

Now the body of the house… Sew background rectangles to facing sides of the house body and press to the house.

Dec LQ 7

Place the house body, roof, and chimney in order for sewing and stitch together.

Dec LQ 8

Press both horizontal seams to the roof.

Dec LQ 9

The door is a simple appliquéd rectangle. I pressed three sides of the door piece 1/4″.

Dec LQ 10

Lay the forth side, the raw edge, at the bottom. Pin, baste, or glue to the body of the house and stitch down. I love hand appliqué so I hand stitched my door. The body of the house looks a little plain here. I might apply one more appliqué or perhaps an embellishment when the quilt is finished. I need to think on this one…

We are finished for now, however, we will complete the December Little on December 7th when the pattern download becomes available. Then, we will be done with the whole series!



  1. gmakitty - November 23, 2015

    very nive but not ready for it yet thanks for sharing

    • Mari - November 23, 2015

      You’re welcome Gmakitty! Thank you for posting!!!