Cottage Chic Introduction & An Interview with Winthur Sempliner


In the summertime, prints such as floral and gingham fit impeccably against an adorable, pastel background. It is evocative of a weekend getaway to the country or the whimsicality in a little girl’s bedroom, which is why Cottage Chic is the perfect name for the 23 playful prints shown in this collection. I could see myself at any age simply adoring the combination of dots and lattice, especially when done up in pinks, baby blues, and sea foam greens.


The vintage yet fresh take it brings really is a breath of fresh air and will add the perfect pop to any room. That’s why I think the Fenestra Table Runner Kit goes hand-in-hand with this collection; the possibilities are truly endless. I’m also falling in love with the English Garden Quilt Kit. It’s octagonal design is interesting and unique while not being overpowering, making it a fun piece in all settings.



And the Kimono Robe Pattern would be so lovely for those summer days when you just want to relax and read a good book. I think this would be the absolute perfect gift for a mother or friend!


Though the focal fabric for the collection was purchased artwork, our in-house designer, Winthur Sempliner, finished it off and added beautiful colors that made it really stand out. I was able to ask her a few questions about the prints. Check out our interview below and learn more about how this collection got its start!


Why “Cottage Chic?” (as a name)

This collection was inspired by the ‘shabby chic’ style of decorating. Whitewashed walls and furniture, antiques, found objects, sun-bleached linens. It was intended to be very light and airy. I think the name perfectly encompasses the style!”

Do you prefer to design these types of collections or more seasonal/novelty collections?

“I am a huge fan of floral fabrics, all kinds. My favorite thing to draw is flowers. I truly love to work on this type of traditional fabric collection, especially when I can add in my own twist with color and detail. But do I prefer it? I don’t know. I’m certainly more comfortable in this arena, but I love the challenge of designing a new novelty or seasonal print. I love to design all types of fabric and work outside of my comfort zone.” 

How did you decide on the color palette?

“We had a piece of vintage fabric that we purchased, which is the focal print in this collection. I started with that, and then modified it to be on a white background. I looked at a lot of home decor with a shabby chic aesthetic, noticed what colors were most prominently used, and tried to work them into the designs. I personally think the colors work beautifully together, and truly represent the ‘shabby chic’ style.”

How would you use these prints?

“I would love to cover my daughter Matilda’s entire room with these prints – floor to ceiling! She is obsessed with roses and the color pink, she’s a very girly girl and would love it. I actually sewed her the ruffled dress that we are offering as a kit with this fabric collection. She was snuggling the fabrics as I sewed. She’s such a sweetheart. (I’m not biased!)”

What makes this collection stand out, in your opinion?

“In my opinion, it is the perfect mix of classic and modern. You’ve got these really traditional flowers and tiny vine patterns, mixed in with prints like Dainty Frames, a modified trellis pattern that could easily tie into a more modern taste. Also, the white background makes everything look so fresh, and the mint green color is a little unexpected. Overall, I think it just works really well together.”

Gingham has recently been coming back into fashion and design in a big way- did that contribute to your use of gingham here?

“I love gingham! Always have and always will. In my opinion, it will perennially be in fashion; it’s a classic.”


  1. Christine Sherman - August 4, 2015

    So beautiful!

  2. Rita Serrano - August 4, 2015

    Love this collection have already ordered the jelly roll set. Will probably want more!

  3. Leonore Mangold - August 4, 2015

    Wonderful, wonderful. Can’t wait to order some and get a project going.

  4. Judith Green - August 4, 2015

    Beautiful and so fresh!

  5. Valerie Gann - August 5, 2015

    I ordered one of the quilt kits from this collection. Love the fabric and can’t wait to make it up!

  6. Linda Christianson - August 6, 2015

    I love the softness of this fabric.