Cornflower Blue

Taking this project on was a bit of a dare; I was challenged to use our solid Cornflower from the Quilter’s Candy collection in a creative yet innovative way. One of my favorite quilting inclinations is to use a touch of applique with every quilt.  How can I design a quilt using our Solid Cornflower and not use the actual flower?  NOT!  Introducing… Cornflower Blue

Cornflower Blue uses dynamite fabrics from our Quilter’s Candy collection.  Fabrics such as Little Stars Butter, Classic Dot Ocean Mist and French Blue, Swirl Patriot Blue and finishing with Multi Stripe Tidal Wave. They are all wonderfully attractive classic prints.

I hope you enjoy sewing Cornflower Blue as much as I did designing and writing the quilt.


  1. Lou Ann - May 29, 2013

    Just beautiful work, as usual, Mari!!!

  2. Susan Robb - May 29, 2013

    This is such a beautiful quilt that you came up with. How long did it take for you to put this down on paper and then make it. I’m curious because I come up with some it seems it takes me forever to get the material together. I guess I just need to stick to a collection to make it easier on myself. Did that help you any?
    Your “Cornflower Blue” is absolutely “BEAUTIFUL”!!!!!

  3. Mari - May 30, 2013

    Gosh Susan, that quilt had been designed for a very long time before it hit the catalog so I don’t remember. Oh, yes, I do stick to a collection until I come up with something that is worth putting on paper. Thank you for the compliment!
    Thank you Lou Anne!

  4. Amanda Best - May 30, 2013

    This is an amazing quilt kit, Mari! I want it really bad! I might just have to order this one even though I have never made a quilt from a kit before. I absolutely love it!

  5. Mari - May 31, 2013

    Oh, Amanda, thank you! You might like kits. Everything is right there for you all pre-measured. You just open it up and begin cutting! Easy peasie!

  6. Anna Vos - September 10, 2013

    Help! I wand to hand applique. I have watched many tutorials about freezer paper. The thing I don’t understand is that you iron it on in the beginning and then you are supposed to remove it at the end. Does the freezer paper become unstuck after it dries so that you can remove it. Is freezer paper the best way to go for a beginner in appliqué?

  7. Mari - September 10, 2013

    Hello Anna, freezer paper is very easy to remove. The wax on the paper keeps itself stuck to the fabric but is easy to pull off once cold. Freezer paper applique is one of the easier ways to applique. Applique techniques, and there are many, are chosen by ease per individual. What is easy for you may not be easy for another. I would suggest to try them all. Thanks! Mari