Clutch Bag


This little Clutch Bag by Mari Martin was really fun to sew up. Quick and easy to be sure. The pattern can be found in Fast, Fun, & More Gifty.


It is just the right size for all the essentials while you are out and about, but not big enough that you will be carrying everything including the kitchen sink. It also makes a great little make-up bag while traveling.

If you a little nervous sewing the zipper on a curve. Don’t be.

Using Wonder Tape made this a simple task. If you haven’t tried Wonder Tape yet, I highly recommend it.


The thing I really enjoy about making bags is that you can make it geared towards the receiver. This bag above is the one I sewed up for one of my nieces. The difference of using the floral prints in the version in the books is sweet and delicate, while the solids is bold and modern. So get out some Fat Quarters and some scraps and sew this one up today.




  1. Stephanie Dunphy - October 26, 2016

    I’ve done zippers but thinking about them gives me hives. LOL Perhaps I’ll grab some wonder tape and my book and sew up a zippy pouch.

    • Anita - October 26, 2016

      I see zippers as a necessary evil sometimes, but the Wonder Tape really does make a huge difference.