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All about needles

During one of our department meetings, we were deciding whether or not to pick up some new needles, and that opened a huge can of worms! We discovered talking to each other that most of us didn't know anything about needles or how to choose them, so we decided that our resident needle expert, Judy, needed to research the topic and write an article. I feel so much more enlightened on the topic and less intimidated about buying needles! Here are Judy's articles on Hand Sewing Needles and Machine Sewing Needles on our tutorial page, or keep reading below. We loved hearing your input on our January article about pre-washing, so I'm curious to see what kinds of needles you use.

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The first tutorial of 2011…

It's the start of a new year, and in 2011 we're going to continue our practice of posting informative articles and tutorials for quilters and sewists. While we won't be posting a new tutorial each week like Karen did in 2010, we will definitely have at least one per month. Our staff sewist, Deborah, did some research on prewashing to kick things off. Do you prewash your fabrics? Leave a comment and let us know your experiences with prewashing... -Melissa

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Techniques 2010 – Learn to make yo-yo’s!

Oh, the humble yo-yo.  Have you always loved it, but never made it?  It’s time to take the plunge.  We’ll show you two methods – the most traditional way, plus a quick and easy method using a nifty tool.  Check out this week’s tutorial here.

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