Behind the Scenes: The May 2015 Connecting Threads Catalog


Sometimes, when you are working with such different fabric collections, separate locations are necessary to accommodate!


After some careful considerations, we decided on two lovely locations– both on Portland’s east side.

We arrived to our first location on an unusually foggy March morning in the Alberta district. Thankfully, the diffused daylight worked to our advantage inside this vibrant and playful guesthouse; you would never know from the photos that we had such a dreary day outside!


Whenever we work in multilevel locations –which is most times– we always start on the top floor and/or in the smallest space and work our way down. I live by the mantra of “Get the most difficult tasks out of the way in order to avoid surprises or unexpected setbacks.” This approach is something I apply to pretty much every aspect of my life, which tends to keep me at a much lower level of stress and able to focus on The Now and being at ease of the simpler future steps. While not for everyone, it works for me and most certainly works for our little team while shooting. 🙂


There were a lot of fun aspects to this house that we didn’t get to showcase in our May catalog, but I’m happy to be able to show you all now:




So bike-friendly, even the pizza cutter was shaped like a penny farthing bicycle!


Since this house was a full-on guesthouse, it really catered to cyclists and cycling that is so easy to pick up when in Portland.


The second house, located in Portland’s lovely Richmond neighborhood, is a striking old Victorian home.


The natural lighting really got to shine for us all throughout the day here. It was a real treat to be able to shoot with mostly no special lighting.


You will have to wait for the release of the May catalog to really see the stars of the show shine from this shoot, but here are a few more unique perspectives captured during our day here.


Perfectly weather wrought iron fixtures outside.


There were so many GORGEOUS stained glass accents in this house.


A sneak peak of one of the new outside collections taking a break on the banister.


More pretty stained glass features!


Well, I suppose you could say that’s a wrap! Hopefully you are as eager as we are to see the newest Connecting Threads catalog. For now, I’m off to go make preparations for July shooting!


  1. Judith Green - May 1, 2015

    WOW…how fascinating and fun to transcend the day-to-day routines for new locations, artistic license freely tapped into, and to see,feel and work with the latest colors, styles and textures through your lens. Thanks for sharing your exciting career!

    • Dawn - May 5, 2015

      Thank YOU, Judith, for you extremely kind words! Glad you enjoyed, I’ll keep ’em coming for every new catalog. 🙂

  2. Ann - May 4, 2015

    I too enjoy seeing behind the scene images and knowing more about the locations for the photo shoots!

  3. Judith Green - May 5, 2015

    You are very deserving, and do share more of your adventures!

  4. Jenna - May 6, 2015

    Love all the detail shots!