Bountiful Harvest Lap Quilt

The Maple Skies Collection is truly a beautiful array of color that intentionally represents autumn.  With supporting prints of leaves, acorns and trees, the mix of images awaken the senses to a season of togetherness, celebration and transition.  The supporting prints include berries, leaflets, twig strips and more.  There is so much to work with both in color and illustration.

While designing Bountiful Harvest the Herringbone block seemed to mimic the whimsical border plaid.  It also gave opportunity to incorporate color elements from the whole quilt.  The Herringbone block has a little trick to building it.  One must use a partial seam to construct the block properly.  It’s a simple technique and is included in the pattern.  This project requires moderate piecing skills but the finished kit will produce such a beautiful quilt to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.

I love Autumn and so enjoy bringing family and friends together; to top off the experience with some beautiful quilts makes it that much better.  You may want to consider the table runner, Squash Blossom as an additional project for the season if you have time.  It is a perfect complement to the Bountiful Harvest Lap Quilt.


  1. Daphne Brown - June 25, 2012

    This lap quilt makes me wanna go on a fall picnic. Run through fallen leaves, pick apples drink some wine and feel the cool breezes of fall

  2. Cindy - June 25, 2012

    Too many beautiful fabrics, too little time and not enough funds. Want to get more and make more but alas it cannot be. Have to pick and choose what gets to make it’s home with me. Love this line and the patterns as well, but will have to wait and see. The lap quilt is wonderful.