A Book Review: Modern Quilt Perspectives by Thomas Knauer


I wanted to share with you a gem of a book that we carry: Thomas Knauer’s Modern Quilt Perspectives. When I first saw this book, I thought it might be just another modern quilt pattern book. As the title accurately describes, this book is full of perspectives. It’s more of a quilting art appreciation book, with strong ties to social and political reflection; and Thomas’s quilt designs and fabric are used as his medium. I plan on having this book on my coffee table, and best of all it has some really cool patterns in this book, all which root from the depths of Thomas Knauers’ mind.


Not only is this book cleverly written, but there are very nice photos that explain the steps and instructions. I have an emotional response to these quilts, and I love how different each pattern is. One of my favorite quilts in this book is the pattern called, ‘In Defense of Handmade’ which essentially looks like a reproduction of a large barcode; but it’s not just how the pattern looks, I love Thomas’ inspiration: a factory-made quilt from China, and how the word ‘handmade’ has been stretched to be almost unrecognizable. 


I hope you enjoy this quilt pattern and art book as much as I do! It’s definitely a conversation starter and a popular book among a few of us “modern” quilt lovers here at work.


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  1. Poppy - May 21, 2014

    Wow this book seems so cool, thanks for blogging about it.