Book Review for Quilting Modern

My quilting style is traditional feathers and dense McTavishing.  I love to put as much quilting as I can in a pieced top.  The options in this book provide the same with geometric shapes, organic swirls, and stunning linear spacing.  The quilting is so conceptual it significantly altered my “preference” with regard to modern styling of traditional quilts.

They are graphically vogue quilts but I LOVE them!  The modern aspect of the piecing provides a very workable background for the quilting and I think that is what is so stunning about them.  I do not have one contemporary quilt in my collection but there are plans in the works now.  I love how free-form the piecing is executed and patterns are provided.  What’s so funny is when I first opened this book I thought it was specifically for longarming but it is not!  You get the patterns too!  What a bonus!

As a skilled Longarmer, I found this book very intriguing.  I’m NOT a modernist nor do I subscribe to “contemporary” ways of quilting.  Let’s just say it’s a preference thing.  So, I usually take a “pass” on all the contemporary books that come through Connecting Threads, that is, until this book arrived!  It is a new and fascinating look at quilting.  When I use the word “quilting” I mean quilting, not piecing.  This book provides some very beautiful, out-of-the-box options for quilting a leading-edge pieced top.  Now, I would use some of these options on my traditional quilts I love them so much so I’m very happy it includes the patterns.

Take a look at the inside pages on our website and then tell me you don’t want to order this book! Even better, the book is 40% off from now until June 6th. Woo hoo!