Boo To You!
55883 Boo To You

55883 Boo To You

Tis’ the season, don’t ya think? So it’s time to celebrate! I love this time of year when the great trifecta of holidays is upon us! Ideally, these seasonal projects should be ready when the time is near, but it’s my bent to make each special project during the appropriate period. I guess it’s my way of celebrating that particular festive time.

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This year a number of seasonal patterns came to Connecting Threads and Boo To You! is one of them. It’s SO cute and not scary at all. Yep, I made it! and here is my experience…

6666 Lotta Dot-Black

6666 Lotta Dot-Black

The pattern requires a black fabric for the blocks so I chose 6666 Lotta Dot-Black. As this project is more primitive in styling, the Lotta Dot fabric needed to be aged, so I tea-dyed it to remove some of the brightness from the white dots. I used a black tea (Super Irish Breakfast) and let it sit for about ten minutes. I think a little longer might have been better though. Maybe twenty or thirty minutes total.

Image 12

Once that was done and the fabric dried, I cut out all the itty, bitty, teeny, weeny pieces. I LOVE working with little pieces! Note: all my HST squares are already marked and ready to go! Wahoo!  I love “little” quilts too (just saying!).

Image 1

These are the other fabrics chosen for the quilt, however, there is one more fabric from Primitive Pennies, but it is sold out 🙁

3862 Mirage-Coal

3862 Mirage-Coal

6415 Lasting Legacies Calico-Pumpkin

6415 Lasting Legacies Calico-Pumpkin

6637 Golden Age Luxury- Apricot

6637 Golden Age Luxury- Apricot

OK, so, the HSTs are sewn and ready to go for all the little blocks. They came out so perfect (my personal challenge) and I love them so much!!!

Image 2

In a flash they were stitched into beautiful, dinky Churn Dash blocks, 3-1/2″ square! Aren’t they darling?! They just twinkle!

Image 3

Before I knew it, the quilt center was constructed! (Ugh! My color is off in this pic here but you get the idea…)

Image 4


With the (so called) tough part done, all that remains are the borders! Such a cinch! Voilà! Oh, I’m lov’in this!

Image 5

Now it’s ready for the most fun part of all, QUILTING!!! With the sandwich ready, purrrrr goes the machine…

Image 6

Still purrrring…  (The machine got a good cleaning and oiling before I started this project. It’s loving me right now.) Don’t ya love the puffiness of the quilt?!

Image 7

And, finally the center in all its itty, bitty, puffy glory…

Image 8

With the groundwork done I’m ready for the most enjoyable part… appliqué and embroidery! Time to get a cuppa coffee and DVD for the evening…

Image 9

Appliqué pumpkins from my beautiful, luscious wool collection… DONE!

Image 10

Embroidery, DONE! Wahoo! I used a cream, pearl cotton size 12 and did a back stitch. Easy peasy! Now, I’m ready to hang the newest addition, Boo to You! to my Halloween collection of little quilts (14″ x 16″)!



  1. Ann - October 28, 2014

    Cute project! Thanks for the step-by-step photos. The tea-dyeing was a good idea and the quilting looks great.

  2. Mari - October 28, 2014

    Thank you Ann. I always appreciate your comments!

  3. Judy - October 28, 2014

    It is so cute Mari. I may need to make one!

  4. Marilyn Lessner - October 28, 2014

    I love it Mari! I never knew I liked Halloween so much until I started to quilt. So many darling small things to make. The wools you picked for the pumpkins are perfect.

    • Mari - October 28, 2014

      Thank you Marilyn! Good hearing from you too!

  5. Stephanie Dunphy - October 28, 2014

    Adorable and fun!