Blast Off! Play Date Bag

One of my favorite things about being “auntie” to my best friend’s little one is making things for my adorable niece. So I was excited to make the Play Date Bag pattern, which would make a backpack for her and a purse for me. Best of all, these bags would both be made with fabric from the new Blast Off! collection, a series of space themed prints, some of which glow in the dark! Her mom and I are both big lovers of space, science fiction and stars, so it’s no surprise that her daughter does too. This project will definitely be winning me some awesome aunt points.

The Play Date Bag pattern by Fishsticks Designs is quick and easy to follow, so in a weekend I had two awesome space-themed bags. Both have plenty of pockets for carrying around books, money, art supplies, and crayons (for the niece) when we’re off on adventures. And magnetic snaps on the backpack and a button closure on the purse make sure that everything you’re carrying stays in place.

playdatebagSome progress photos I took of the bags as I was working on them.

And here are the completed backpack and purse as modeled by my boss Teri and her son, Tyler.


Aren’t those bags awesome?


  1. Joy Gross - June 17, 2015

    Jamila, your bag and backpack are so cute. I’m sure they will love them.

  2. Judith Green - June 18, 2015

    One of my quilting friends mentioned just yesterday that her granddaughter complained about everything for girls is always pink. Can’t wait to share this pattern and fabric with her. Beautiful bags!