Baby Nine Patch quilt in Sunny Day Flannel

I recently sewed our Baby Nine Patch kit in our Sunny Day flannel. I got to use all my favorite Sunny Day fabrics: the pink and brown ones!

I made this quilt for my cousin, who is due with her 2nd daughter in August. For the first child, I knitted a pink and brown sweater, so I thought this time around it would be nice to make a quilt for the new baby. The strip pieced 9-patch pattern is just so simple and fast. I used the pressing method Karen describes here, and all my points matched up no problem!

This was my first time doing fancier machine quilting, rather than just straight lines or stippling. I think it turned out pretty well (not that you can really see it in the above photo). You may recognize this quilt from my Golden Threads Quilting Paper tutorial though…

This was also my first time sewing a flannel quilt. Flannel has some distinct pros and cons for me. The big “pro” is that it’s so sticky that you hardly need pins. It just stays put with no slipping. The main “con” is that it is very stretchy, which wasn’t really a problem for a pattern this simple, but I can see why people don’t do very complex piecing with flannel. I do love the feel of it–it’s so cuddly. Now that I’m thinking about it, I just made a flannel quilt for a baby due in California in August. D’oh! Do you think it will be too hot to be useful? Hmm…maybe I should keep this cozy quilt all to myself!

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  1. Lori K. - July 11, 2011

    Melissa it’s beautiful. Love the pink and brown together. The 9 patch also looks like an irish chain. Nice Job. Lori