Babies on the way!

Over the past few months, the Connecting Threads team has seen two new babies and we have one more coming any day now!  With all of these new bundles of joy entering into our lives, you can imagine my excitement when I found out a couple weeks ago that my sister-in-law is expecting twins! Yipee!! Although it’s still very early, the “twin history” in the family has been to have one girl and one boy. 

In my family, it is a tradition to make all of the new babies a crib quilt as our way of welcoming them into the world.  Enter my dilemma.  Do I make one larger quilt that both babies can share, or do each of them need their own?  Eek!  I’m just beginning to start quilting again after accidentally slicing my machine’s power cord in half last year (long story), and I’m sad to say my skills are a little rusty.  After much flip-flopping on the decision, I made an agreement with my mom (a much faster quilter than I) that I would make one quilt and she can make a second one.

Now comes the fun part: picking a quilt to make!  I asked our friends on Facebook and Twitter last week what quilt(s) they thought I should make using our adorable Wild Ones collection.  I decided on using flannel because it is SO soft and will help keep these beautiful babies nice and warm.  The responses that we received were so fun and left me with a really tough decision.  Finally, I landed on the ever-so-cute and wonderfully gender neutral Circus Stack Baby Quilt

How fun is that quilt?!  After telling my mom what I decided to make, she announced that that was the one she was going to make, too.  Not only will each of the babies have their own super cuddly adorable quilt, we can customize the quilts with their initials once we find out what their names are going to be.  I’m so excited!

Have you made any new-baby quilts lately?  What patterns/kits did you use?  I’d love to know!


  1. Trudy Lindemann - January 25, 2012

    awesome! I love this quilt,and how fun that you each are making one!

  2. Amanda - January 25, 2012

    Hey! I’m happy you decided to make 2, the babies are twins but still individuals. Biggest mistake families make with twins is to treat them as 1/2 of a whole rather than 2 individuals.
    Have fun being an auntie! I love my niece it’s such a joy to have children in the home 🙂

  3. Becky - January 25, 2012

    Very cute! I’m not making a baby quilt right now, but I am making one for my 3 year old daughter. I’m using the Little Lady Twin Quilt pattern because we love ladybugs! I just started working on it today.

  4. Carol Vickers - January 26, 2012

    I have several baby quilts on my page….my favorites are two I made for twins. They have a pieced teddy bear in the center and then are a single Irish Chain in pastels with borders done in purple colorway for one, and pink for the other. Yours will be adorable!

  5. Bar Turpin - January 26, 2012

    How Wonderful. I have yet to even try a quilt, I am way to new yet to even consider one as a gift, but the sleep sacks kit have my Grand-daughter thrilled with those and the blanket and burp rags also. My Great Grand-baby is due any day now, so I am also very excited. With my 3 oldest G-daughters all approaching 30, I was beginning to worry about seeing any new babies soon. I am so very pleased with the quality of everything I have purchased from Connecting Threads, it goes without saying but the service has been terrific also. I feel sure that a baby quilt won’t be to far into my future. The fabrics and know how will come from you. Thanks for making things so enjoyable. Sincerely,

  6. Virginia/SD - January 26, 2012

    Enjoy those Twins and Horray for Teamwork! I am going to be making some receiving blankets using flannel (a different color for the front and back) and maybe some cotton batting. It’s going to be lightly quilted with stippling. Your quilt will be very cute! I like it.

  7. Lori - February 2, 2012

    This is very cute. My daughter has my first grandbaby on the way in June. I’m excited, and her favorite animal is a giraffe. For her shower gift, i’m making a quilt for her, because I think it would be neat for her to get something for herself, and I’ll wait until the baby gets here to make “him” something for himself.

  8. Sharon Steele - February 2, 2012

    I recently made a quilt for my newest great grandbaby ( little adorable girl) and when I began the quilt I was making it for a great neice’s new baby. My great neice is Japanese and I wanted to give her something that was part of her heritage, so I used Asian fabric. The quilt turned out to be so beautiful that I showed it to my granddaughter and she wanted it for her new baby. I was a simple quilt with 12 12 inch blocks, shashing was also Asian fabric. The binding was made from stips from the 12 blocks. It is a crib sized quilt and was truly beautiful. I now have to make another quilt for the great neice’s new baby girl.

  9. Tammy Cummins - February 6, 2012

    Joy Joy double time isn’t it wonderful my daughter is expecting next month also..