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Recent Posts by Winthur

    Designing the Liberty for All! fabric collection

    For the collection, Liberty for All! I was really inspired by some distressed, wooden folk art that I had seen at a local farmers market. I wish I had taken a picture of it! The artist had used reclaimed painted floorboards to create an American flag. It was a little bit like this:

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    Gifty Galore – Project 15

    Hi, I’m Winthur, Fabric Designer here at Connecting Threads.  This is my first Gifty Galore project, actually my first Christmas sewing project, ever!  I’m a self taught, novice sewer- so bear with me. Finished product! There ...

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    Plethora of Pillows – Double-Z Block Pillow

    A little something about me, though I am in love with quilts and fabric and anything related, I am not a quilter. I’m more of a huge fan. I have not worked on a sewing project in so long, my machine was dusty and my fabric scissors were squeeky. I was a bit nervous about taking on a quilted pillow, but I ...

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    Hi, my name is Winthur (pronounced like the season) and I am the new Fabric Designer here at Connecting Threads. I am so excited to be here. Designing fabric is my passion and I feel so blessed to be at work doing what I love, with a terrific group of people! In the four short weeks that I have been working here, I have found the energy to be so inspiring. ...

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