My main responsibility is designing new quilt patterns for the fabric collections Connecting Threads develops. How exciting this is, as I enjoy exercising my creative bent, which is almost exclusively devoted to quilting. I have been a quilter for thirty years, and during that time chose to frame my booming interest with a number of classes in design. Another creative outlet I find extremely relaxing during my private time is painting fine art in acrylics.

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    2010 Gifty Galore

    Hello Everyone! Just wanted to let you know that things are “cook’in” around Gifty Galore right now. We are gearing up for the 2010 Christmas Season and you will start seeing changes. The first project will be featured July 1st! So, come one by and take a look! You might even want to join up with us! As we did last year, we’ll have a new project almost every week!! Wahoo!

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