I'm a fabric designer who loves to bake! I love imagery! Prints, patterns, textiles, fine art, name it. I love antiques and almost anything vintage. Music lover, collector of 50's 60's Rock n roll / Girl Group records.

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    A tour of The Design Library print studio

    A month ago I went to New York for vacation and just prior to me leaving I got a "touch base" email from a print studio we work with there. I let them know I would be in New York that following week and was encouraged to come see their offices. They're based out of upstate New York and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to fit it into my schedule. It took a little planning, but I got a few friends together and was able to make a road trip out of it.

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    Rest In Pieces Collection

    Last year’s Halloween collection was well received, so we were determined to do another Halloween group this year!  As many of you know by now, I try to be really versatile in my artwork, so I wanted to do a collection that was different from last year's.  Rest In Pieces has a  rustic feel which is a contrast to last year's All Hallows Bash that was bold in color.

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    Fall Pin Cushions for Gifty!!

    Judy and I decided to collaborate on a Gifty Galore project, since I love to embroider and she loves to sew.  It was a win win situation!  For Gifty Galore, the staff here at CT typically just chooses a project out of one of the new books that we are going to showcase.  For this project though, we chose a project from a book and paired it with a pin cushion pattern we carry.  When we ...

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    Kit Builder ideas for Father’s Day

    Father’s Day is coming up, and granted, while this may be a little late in the game of making a quilt for dad, using Kit Builder is such an awesome tool to play with.  Many people have mentioned that it’s hard to find “guy quilts”, but playing around on Kit Builder makes it fun to play with skus from existing collections and basics that you can choose for yourself in the colors the guy in your life would like. 

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    On the lookout for new photo shoot locations!!

    As the Art Director for our catalog photo shoots, it’s my job to research and book locations.  We have a very tight budget which makes for a lot of creativity and craftiness.  I choose locations based on the overall feel and style of a home and try my best to have it connect with the collections I will be photographing.  I've done shoots at coworkers homes, Bed & Breakfasts, through Airbnb, friends of friends homes.  But there can never be enough options, that is why I’m reaching out to all of you.  If you are in the Portland/Vancouver area and you feel like your home would be a great location for our photo shoot, I’d love to hear from you!

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    Quilt Market Recap

    This past weekend was Quilt Market for Spring/Summer 2013 in Portland.  I’m so glad it was held in Portland this year because I live in Portland, and for as long as I’ve worked at Connecting Threads I’ve wanted to attend.  So this year was perfect!  And oh what a lot to see!!  Quilt Market is strictly for people in the industry, but for me personally it was a tool for inspiration. 

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    Follow me on Instagram!

    Hi everyone!I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty obsessed with Instagram these days.  I love taking photos and I love capturing images of things that inspire me!  I started an account where you can follow me and see my fabric collections, kits/quilts made from my collections, inspirational images, pics of Pasquale…you know that sort of thing. Botanical Beauty snapshot.

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    My newest collection… Botanical Beauty

    I’m pretty excited that Botanical Beauty is finally out!  Last spring I went to the Rhododendron Gardens here in Portland, and was simply taken away.  It’s a hidden gem of a garden, and right around Mother’s Day is when the rhododendrons as well as many of the other flowers are in full bloom.  It’s such a beautiful sight.  I was instantly inspired by all the surrounding beauty, so when I started designing this collection I was filled with ideas.

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    Sneak peek at my latest embroidery design!

    I am definitely in an embroidery mood. Sewing, not so much lately...but embroidering...Yes!  I was really excited and pleased that my Rhapsody of Reds embroidery pillow was liked by so many.  It inspired me to do another!!!  I designed a fall group that I am just in love with.  I can't quite tell you all about it yet, since it's not due out for a while, but I'm really really excited about it!  I'll give you a few clues.  It's fall inspired.  I painted all the designs.  Sunflowers are involved.  Ok..that's enough for now :)

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