I'm a fabric designer who loves to bake! I love imagery! Prints, patterns, textiles, fine art, name it. I love antiques and almost anything vintage. Music lover, collector of 50's 60's Rock n roll / Girl Group records.

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    Introducing my ¡Fiesta! collection

    Last year at this time I was preparing to go on vacation to Mexico, leaving the cold Northwest for the sunny tropics of Playa del Carmen.  I had never been to Mexico but grew up in California and had always been exposed to the vibrant culture.  It instantly got my creative juices flowing; bright, fun images floating in my mind.  I absolutely love folk art and have always been drawn to Mexican folk art and embroidery in particular.  I wanted this ¡Fiesta! to be a fun, bright, vivid, cheery group that had folk art elements and that just made one smile when they saw it.

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    Cartouche pillow making another debut!

    With the return of Rhapsody of Reds and Symphony of Blues, so comes the return of my Cartouche embroidered pillow!  What's great about this design, is it's striking appearance as well as it's versatility.  I took some of the main circular motifs from the Rhapsody & Cartouche prints and had fun with the placement of my design, by deliberately having the motifs cut off.

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    They’re back!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is my great pleasure to present you with the re-print of Rhapsody of Reds AND Symphony of Blues!!!  These two collections have been extremely popular. They exceeded our expectations during their debut and sold out very quickly.  Due to the large number of requests to bring them back, we listened and did so!  In our latest catalog we decided to bring the two collections back together at the same time, and we think there is a beautiful marriage between the two.  As you can see from our “cover shot” Symphony & Rhapsody quilt by Bloom Creek, mixing of the two collections looks so beautiful!  But of course, they’re still very beautiful on their own!

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    Raggy Penny Rug Quilt

    In CT’s archives, we had a baby quilt size raggy quilt which had been recolored over the years. I wanted to adapt the pattern to incorporate some appliqué and add borders to increase it to an adult throw quilt size. When it was decided that Primitive Pennies would also be available in flannel, my opportunity to rewrite the pattern had arrived!

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    How Primitive Pennies came to be

    Designer Mari Martin came into the office one day and showed off some amazing pillows she was working on.  They were felted wool and Osnaburg, with amazing applique and embroidery detail.  I fell in love with them and was instantly inspired!  I really do love folk art, of many forms and thought it would be really great to create a collection based on primitive folk art, something we haven’t done yet and Primitive Pennies is the result.  I’m attracted to the simplicity and charm of primitive folk art;  I just love the quirky, unpolished and handmade feel that this art style embodies.  (The below images are Mari's personal projects, these patterns and designs are from Wooden Spool Designs, which we do not sell on our site)

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    How Nana’s Pantry collection came to be.

    Nana's Pantry collection by Mama's Cottons is our nod to 1930's and 1940's feedsack prints. Our Mama's Cottons vintage reproduction collections have always been very popular and I feel are quite necessary to the world of quilting, so Nana's Pantry is the latest installment of vintage reproductions for you to enjoy!

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    Week 1 of 12 Weeks of Christmas!

    It’s that time again; the holidays are just around the corner and we here at Connecting Threads have been getting into the holiday spirit with a fun new project: 12 Weeks of Christmas.  To learn more about the 12 Weeks of Christmas event, check out yesterday's blog post: We're counting down the weeks to Christmas! I’m starting off the countdown with a new embroidered pillow pattern. 

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    How Indigo Patchwork came to be.

    Over a year and a half ago when Richard from The Design Library was in town to show us vintage artwork we leased a very special piece.  The focal in Indigo Patchwork looks very different than it did from its original form.  What we purchased was a painting of only two colors, it was a red ground with a white design.

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    Tufted Floor Pillow

    The trend of floor pillows has been around for a while, and I have always wanted one.  Whether it be for me to lounge on or for my frenchie to rest his head on, I thought this was a really fun project to make and own.  In Patchwork Pillows by Lindsey Murray McClelland I chose the “Tufted Floor Pillow” by Carol Zentgraf to make.  I was drawn to the simplicity of design yet interesting details, plus..I’m a sucker for home décor that is tufted.

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